Thanksgiving is past

Well, Thanksgiving is past. Mine, as far as food went, lasted several days.

Our church had its family Thanksgiving meal exactly a week before the actual calendar date. And what a meal it was – complete with not only food but, more importantly to me, visiting with friends and (church) family.

I volunteered to deliver meals to shut ins. As I left on my mission, one of the ladies who had dished up the meals to go said, “We won’t start until you are back, Helen,” and, though I encouraged the meal to start on time, she was insistent. I was back in the nick of time and found a friend holding a place for me at the table with her.

Then, when I was ready to leave, someone prepared a take-out meal for me. Now, these take-out meals were generous and that one supplied two meals at home. Now, count with me – isn’t that three meals already.

On Thanksgiving Day, I had dinner with the lady who was my roommate for many years at the Assisted Living home where she now resides. Another delicious, bountiful meal. With four special meals under my (now-too-tight) belt, I felt truly thankful.

Friday I had to make an unscheduled trip to talk with my former roommate and came home quite upset. I was in no mood to cook so I simply had a sandwich and chips. I was well satisfied. The phone called for my attention.

It was my neighbor. They had just finished their Thanksgiving meal. It was still hot and his wife had prepared a plate for me. He called to be sure I was home and would be right over. Again, a more than adequate feast and delicious. Though my snacking had taken care of supper, I couldn’t resist taking care of the salad right then.

I put the rest away for the next day. That one offering supplied two main meals for the weekend. The count of Thanksgiving meals for me was six!

What neighbors! What friends!

Looking ahead – Christmas looms on the horizon. And while I know there will be an abundance of food, it is once again the friendship extended that means the most. Yes, I know that friendship is always there, but to experience it so fully was truly a wonderful blessing.

I trust that I will be quick to extend that same friendship and fellowship to others. As I’ve been on the receiving end, may I also be quick to be on the giving end.

May my life speak of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb awaiting all who have accepted Christ. He is coming again and we must be ready. Are you ready?

Thanksgiving dinners, even though abundant, cannot compare with the feast and fellowship awaiting those who know Christ whose birthday we celebrate at Christmas. He eagerly awaits our arrival at heaven’s gates. Be thankful for the price He paid (His very life) to pay for our sin.