The packages in our lives

This story actually begins many years ago when a young cousin decided I was more an aunt than a cousin and I have been Aunt Helen ever since. Over the years there have been times when we barely communicated and years when we were as close as circumstances allowed.

Our current closeness dates back to when her mother was in a nursing home and my niece (cousin) thought it would do her good to see me. It had been many years since we had a visit and, though actually visiting was questionable, she would know I was there. So I made a trip to West Virginia – the first of many during her last days.

The day she was expected to pass into her next life, I was there. It was later in the afternoon, but she knew and understood so she waited for me to arrive before answering her call to “come home.” I was there for her memorial service and later for a service of interment.

All of this leads up to the close relationship her daughter, Kathie, and I have re-established.

A few months ago as an expression of her love, Kathie sent a package via USPS. She didn’t hear from me during the time frame she thought she should have so she broke her silence and asked for a correct mailing address.

Eventually, the package did arrive – a long time after it should have. She did a trace on it and at one time, found it in Detroit awaiting a corrected address.

Then very recently another note from Kathie said she had mailed another package which I should receive before Christmas, maybe even before Thanksgiving. So, it was no surprise to find a package on my porch one evening when I took Bebe out.

The weather was deteriorating so I brought it right in. It was about four feet long and round, maybe five inches in diameter. I lay it down and went about fixing supper. Later, I thought of it and was going for the scissors to open it when I thought maybe I should check the label. Good thing I did. It was addressed to my neighbor. I put the package back on the porch and called them.

At bedtime it was still there so I put it closer to the house. In the morning, it was still there. By mid-afternoon when I checked, I called again. “Oh, she didn’t get it yet? I’ll stop on my way home.”

A few days later, when I picked up my mail there was a package. My first thought was “books”. No it wasn’t heavy enough. AHA! The package was from my West Virginia “niece”. I know she would have enjoyed seeing me open it. Inside were two gift-wrapped packages. I opened the one marked birthday, took the item out. Noted the excellent handwork and admired it. She would have laughed as I turned it every direction and still had no idea what it was. How would I thank her? Finally, I found a note explaining it is a microwave cozy so I will no longer burn my fingers when my food is hot.

There’s still another package in the box which I am instructed not to open until Christmas. Apparently they are somehow related. I wonder…

Sometimes God answers our prayers in the “right now”, other times even before we ask, and sometimes He tucks in a note to “wait and see”, but He always answers prayer. Thank Him for that because it is through prayer we make our first contact with Him through the sacrificial death of His Son, Jesus, our access to the very throne of God.

May the boxes delivered in your life be the cause of much Thanksgiving.