Life’s Lessons

Comforter and protector

By Helen Guilford

When we lived in the Kentucky, our house was built of locally-quarried sandstone and rested on bedrock. You could say it was solid! It was on the mountainside very near the top as the road went. The actual mountaintop was well up from there.

We drove off the road onto our parking area and into the carport. From there, the house was situated down 15 uneven stone steps. Though the parking area and carport were clearly visible from the road, only the flat roof of the house was seen.

For the first few years we lived there, we had a couple of cats but no dog. Then, one Christmas my roommate brought home a puppy. We named her Heide. She was a German shepherd/husky mix with the looks of the shepherd – blond with an auburn stripe down her spine. Beautiful! She had such strong shepherd characteristics even our vet was sure she was full shepherd.

Other than house training, we didn’t give her any formal training at all, just simply loved her. She was our pet, companion, and comforter, and served no other purpose.

Situated as our house was, we seldom got unexpected company – not even door-to-door salesmen. But one day, there was a knock at the door.

Surprised, we both went to the door and Heide did, too. There we greeted two men, both strangers to us. Of course, Heide didn’t know them either. However, she must have picked up on our apprehension.

She just stood with us and listened, then quietly made her way past both of us to the door where we were still talking to these two men. There she stood. Not making a sound. She simply stood there eying the strangers.

One of the men stopped his spiel of his product, looked at Heide, backed up a step or two and just looked! Finally regaining his voice, though not his composure, he said, “Will that dog bite?”

My response was, “I really don’t know!”

That was the end of that sales visit. To this day, I have no idea what they were representing because they suddenly decided the visit was over and bid us farewell.

You see, though we never gave Heide any special training, she stepped forward to protect us simply because she loved us and sensed we might be in danger.

I look at Kelly and how she responds to people. She has never met a person she doesn’t like. I wonder if she would sense if I were apprehensive and insinuate herself into the protector position. Though I don’t know, I don’t think I would want to be in the shoes of the person she was protecting me from.

Comforter? Yes, either dog would listen to our woes and problems. Unlike people who care enough to listen, that’s all dogs do – listen! But sometimes that’s all that’s needed. Voice the problem and you seem to get fresh perspective.

We can have a Comforter and Protector all in one – One who cares enough to listen, even give needed guidance. The one Entity who truly does it all is Jesus Christ. We seek advice and guidance from other people who usually have no more knowledge of right/wrong decisions than we do when Jesus is right there waiting for us to seek His input. In addition to being our Savior, comforter and protector, He is our advisor and guide. We only need to ask.

He is good at what He does, and He does it all!

Comforter and protector

By Helen Guilford