Listen to God when he says ‘I am with you’

It started like any other Tuesday morning, except that my hearing aids died last night and I discovered I didn’t have any more batteries. Though Tuesday mornings are reserved for writing this column, I could make a quick trip to town for batteries.

Along came morning. With the intent to make that quick trip, I went to the garage, and before starting the car looked to see if there were batteries there. Yes! The card held two batteries but had been there for who knows how long? Would they work? If so, for how long?

Yes, they do work but I still have no idea where they are in shelf life. I did make that quick trip to town anyway only to find the hearing aid store wasn’t where I expected it to be. Well, where is it? I came home, found their TX number and then found them. That return trip will be made after this column is completed. On to the column –

Every Christmas I receive a daily devotional book from a close friend. Usually they turn out to be very good even though she has not read them herself. The one for this year is entitled “3-Minute Devotions for Women”. I could see why the title alone got her attention, so I eagerly anticipated the new year when I could begin reading it.

January finally arrived and I read the first day’s entry. I was disappointed! Certainly not impressed. Well, after all, it is a daily devotional and this was Day 1 of 365. Surely it would improve.

The author’s thinking is alright and I’m sure she is sincere in trying to reach other women. What has really bothered me is the fact that it is written for those significant, specialized situations faced by women with families and the problems they encounter daily that are so very different from those of a single woman. I found it almost discriminatory toward me.

How many times did I read the day’s entry and think, “I’ll just put this in the give-away stack”? But that thought was always followed with one encouraging me to hang in there because just maybe there is a pearl of truth I need, too.

From time to time, there have been little grains of sand that might some day turn into pearls, but nothing that really touched my heart and encouraged me to keep reading. Still, it was now near the very end of the year and daily I faced the challenge – read that devotional or not?

Finally, with just two months left, I found a pearl. Now, please understand what appeared as a pearl to me may not impact you at all, but it did me! There it was! “I am with you.”

Still dealing with some issues I have faced this entire year (not COVID related), I needed that encouragement. No, it’s not a new truth to me. One of my first prayers every day is one of thanks for His presence, His love, His constancy. It’s a prayer I often heard a friend sincerely offer, “Thank you that you are God and we are not!”

It was God who brought just the people to help when I needed them throughout the struggles I’ve met this year. Why would He do that? Because I have accepted His son, Jesus, into my heart and life. I know I can trust Him because I’ve seen Him at work in my life and the lives of others.

Because He tells me, “I am with you.” Because He is God and I am not.

You can trust Him, too. Just ask Jesus into your heart and life. Your reward? The assurance of eternity in heaven.