A flying box and a lesson in faith

I had been given a large wall-mount Smart TV that I could take to Henderson Settlement, a home mission in Kentucky. It stood across the back seat of my car leaning toward the back. I packed boxes and bags of other goods to make the trip. With those things in place, I felt I could safely make the eight-hour drive.

I had carefully placed a new pillow in a plastic bag and placed it on the passenger seat thinking that would raise Bebe up a little bit and she could see out. I’ve never traveled with a small dog before, but I felt pretty sure she would not be happy with the minimal space left in the back seat.

When we were loading, she wasted no time letting me know I was right on that count. She did not want to be crowded for any distance at all. She immediately moved to the front passenger seat and tried out the pillow I had placed there for her comfort. That didn’t please her either. The only place left was to make herself comfortable on my lap.

This decision making process all took place when we were only minutes into the trip. Both of us settled in for a long day. I knew that and she adjusted to it.

Hours underway on the interstate, I observed an uncovered box truck ahead. I think it had just passed us. Now, normally I might not pay much attention to this truck, but the load got into action.

A large cardboard box began to shift around. Soon, it took flight.

There was nothing to stop it and its flight pattern took it directly toward the next vehicle in line – MINE! You know the myriad thoughts your mind can conceive in split seconds? Well, they all went through my mind. But mainly, “If that flying box hits us, we could be in serious trouble!” But the box had attained an altitude which appeared to be safe. As I was processing these many thoughts, the box began its descent.

What had appeared to be safe, no longer had that appearance. My car was directly in its path with no where to go. Yes, it would hit my car.

Ker-boom! A loud impact but apparently no damage. If that box, even though empty, had struck six inches lower, it would have taken out the windshield and caused a serious accident, I’m sure.

But it didn’t!

I credit God with another save that day! As always, when we loaded and I started the motor, even before leaving the driveway, I sought His protection for the trip. Was I thinking of a flying missile? No, of course not, but you see we don’t have to be specific in our prayers. Just asking His protection for the whole trip covered it all as He covers our needs each and every day.

Oh, of course, not every day is perfect as we look at them, but someday we will be able to look back and admire His protective and lovely presence even through the tough times if we have accepted Him into our hearts and lives through a simple prayer, “Jesus, save me!”

Oh! Bebe’s choice seating on the way home? She couldn’t be coaxed onto my lap! The whole back seat was hers.