In a time of crisis, Jesus was already there

It was a Sunday evening. Weather was nice and comfortable. During a time in the professional football game when I thought activity was rather predictable, I went to the garage to prepare for Monday morning garbage pickup

I bagged what I had and looked for more stuff that had done its lifetime of service. That took me to the back of the building, and lighting was not exactly adequate.

“Hey! What’s this thing?” It proved to be a sump pump apparently replaced by the previous property owner. It had to have rested in that spot for more than five years. Time for its final ride. I added it to the garbage. That made the bag a bit cumbersome but still manageable.

Awkward bag in hand, I started for the door. I was only on my third or fourth step when my foot hit something other than the floor – probably something else that should have gone out in the garbage long ago – and caused me to fall.

Shaken and bloodied but not really injured, I assessed my surroundings and body. OK, I could handle this! I began my laborious trip to the door and thence to the house. Tomorrow’s garbage detail could wait a week.

By scooting on my behind, I got to the car but still couldn’t get up because I couldn’t get on my knees. Just a quirk of mine, I guess, but once I get on my knees I can get myself up.

I could continue scooting to the door and, from there, to the deck at the back of the house. I weighed that carefully and finally chose to swallow my pride and simply ask for help. The neighbors came in a heartbeat, lifted me to my feet and carefully walked me to the house.

By then, my major concern was the blood on my favorite T-shirt. However, I managed to dress the bloodied arm before treating the shirt which actually came clean with treatment. The elbow is also healing nicely.

Now, having told you that tale, where is the lesson in it? Stay on good terms with neighbors?

No, that’s good advice but we’ve always been on good terms since the day I moved in. They have often come to my rescue in some manner.

Perhaps the lesson is to be aware of the source of help when needed.

That source of help is, of course, Jesus Himself. Even before I was born, He knew that very fall was going to happen with all its inconveniences. He knew I would need the help of friends and neighbors. He arranged the details just as He continually arranges the details of my life from day to day.

Friends, if you don’t know Him personally, just open your heart to Him. Today is the day of salvation. We have no promise of tomorrow, but we do have Jesus’ promise to be with us at all times. Don’t wait. Accept Him now for eternal salvation.