New shoes don’t deserve this type of treatment

I really needed new shoes. By now, I had taken both old, well-worn pairs for outdoor work and that spoils them for better wear. Oh, I was getting by – not going barefoot or anything like that, but I needed to buy shoes.

I carefully perused every catalog that came in. Either I didn’t see anything I really liked or I liked the appearance of the shoe but not the price.

I went to the Internet. That’s quite a statement coming from me because I am not an Internet shopper. There, I checked out two or three sites of shoes by name brand. There were some I thought I might like but there was still the question of shopping by Internet. And the price?

Next, I went to an actual building in a brick-and-mortar mall. Having purchased there before, I knew that store handled the type of shoe I was looking for. I found they now carried both brands of shoes I was looking at on the Internet. In fact, they had on their shelves the very shoes I had found and liked on the Internet – and at a better price!

What could be better?

When I got them home and opened the box, I thought they lacked some of the color that had attracted me to them. But fall is upon us and these would be okay for fall. That was all about two or three weeks ago.

This morning I decided would be a good time to initiate them as I have an appointment after lunch. I wouldn’t be working outside before tomorrow. Anyway, I could change shoes if necessary.

So I dropped into the usual morning routine of putting the leash on Bebe and taking her out for her first of the morning out-door trip to her bathroom. I walked very carefully and watched where I was putting my feet. Then, as we came back in the house, I was mentally congratulating myself for making that expedition and still having nice, clean, new shoes.

That lasted until I sat down in the recliner and raised my feet. What is that on my shoe?

Of course, you already know. It was POOP! Evidence of where we had been. So now, as I sit at the computer writing my column, I’m wearing only one shoe while I wait for the other to dry enough to wear.

It just makes me think how very careful we can be about our lives and still, inadvertently, pick up sin. One big difference is we don’t need to set aside time to scrub our lives clean. We can come to Jesus any time, any place, tell Him our short-comings (sins), and ask His cleansing.

No need to scrub the shoe, then wait for it to dry. He welcomes us, cleanses us, and sets us on our way again – clean and ready for Him to use. What a thrill to be used by our Savior!

If you will excuse me now, I need to go get my shoe!