Don’t know, don’t care – ‘til she realized she did

This happened a long time ago when I was just a little girl!

Dad and my two brothers were to spend the day working by the barn – doing some building, and felt they would get more done without having a little kid in the way.

Anyway, the adults decided this little six-year-old girl would spend the day at the house with her mother. It seemed everyone was well-satisfied with that decision except the little girl herself. She was unhappy to say the least.

It was probably months prior to this day that Mom and I had been out on the farm together. We were probably picking blackberries. When I lost interest in the berry picking and found the thorns too difficult to deal with, I busied myself with other activities. We were close to the pond and the soil was soft. I pulled up a little sprig that I said was a tree. Mom agreed it was, indeed, a tree.

I announced I would take it to the house when we were finished. “Can I plant it?” Mom said, “Sure, you can plant it but it probably won’t grow because it doesn’t have many roots.”

I did plant it near the barn where it would not be in anyone’s way. I tended it carefully week after week. And it did grow. When spring came, it sprouted new growth and continued to grow all summer. Now, this was probably its fourth summer. Again, it greened up nicely in the spring, and again I was giving it special attention. It was, after all, MY tree!

Back to the current day’s activities.

Mom had a sullen, pouty, unhappy daughter with her. Trying to raise her spirits, I suppose, she questioned, “Helen, what are Dad and the boys doing?”

This sullen, pouty kid did what she was never allowed to do and sassed, “Don’t know, don’t care!” I finally looked out to see what they were doing and found I was wrong – I DID care!

In preparation for adding a shed on that end of the barn they were cutting down MY tree – my tree that I had pulled up as a sprig of growth, planted, nurtured for several years, that I had watched grow into a pretty young sapling. Now, I knew why I was confined to the house for the day. And I was definitely not a happy camper.

Strangely, I don’t remember anything else about that day. I do know the shed was built and served us well until we sold the farm and moved a long five-mile distance away.

I didn’t like what happened that day, but I never doubted Dad’s love for me just because a tree that meant nothing to others had to be forfeited.

Likewise, when things happen in my life and I’m unhappy with the current events, I don’t doubt God’s love for me! I just know that in the interest of my growing into the Christian witness He wants me to be, those stepping stones are necessary.

I know God loves me because He gave His son to die on the cross to pay for my sins. He loves you, too. Love Him right back. And trust that whatever comes your way is in your best interest – even if it costs you YOUR tree!