The continuing saga of Bebe – getting to know her

I’ve had Bebe since Easter weekend. For the first several months, she was in foster care while she had two surgeries for mammary tumors. After the first and most serious, there was a six-week or more of recovery time while she get back to normal. Then came the second surgery with its repeat of the recovery period.

Now, I’m finally getting to know the real dog bearing all this surgery/recovery time.

I’ve been on quite a learning curve when it comes to food for her. From the first time I fed her, I realized she needed food specifically for little dogs. So I bought it. But she turned up her little nose. Hey! Right on the package it declares the flavor to be filet mignon! What could be better?

But the food came in individual meal size packets and three different flavors. Well, to make a long story short, on a rare occasion when I run out of the preferred food that I cook for her weekly, she will eat one of the commercial packs – just not the filet mignon!

Also, she is not a “morning person.” Well, obviously being a dog, she is excused from being a person, but morning is just not her preferred time of day. I regularly fix her morning food dish, set it out and call her, and she regularly pays no attention. If she watches me put a little coconut oil on it, she will condescend to give the food dish a trial sniff, but the actual eating will be reserved for sometime before lunch time.

From the first, she has slept quietly on my bed. Now, she still sleeps on the bed but no longer quietly! She settles in, stays there quietly for a few minutes, tries another location, settles in, and on and on until she finally does settle for the night. Sometime during the nighttime hours last night, she apparently fell out of bed as I missed her and turned the light on to find her.

There she was on the floor, fairly dancing with desire to get on the bed again. I helped her up all the time knowing she could do this on her own if she really wanted to.

She knows the “come” command but interprets it to mean “come if and when you want to.”

She’s independent. She’s stubborn. She hears everything but turns two deaf ears when she doesn’t want to do what I ask. And she is loving and lovable.

Her size and her behaviors all say she is Chiquaqua or a mix thereof. I say she is a “wannabe.” She is six years old but still thinks she might grow up and wants to be a full size dog – a wannabe! It ain’t gonna happen!

Just like me! I wanted to be a missionary leading many to Christ. But sometime during midlife I realized it wasn’t going to happen. My calling was to work in short term mission teams and much of my ministry was to the young people who went with me – to lead them on their road to growing up and seeking how God could use them.

How has God chosen to use you? Find His leading through knowing Jesus as your Savior. If filet mignon is not your thing, seek Jesus’ choice for your life. He has a plan.