Traits of a small dog

I’ve had this little dog, Bebe, in my life since Easter weekend. She has shown lots of traits over that period of time and I think the training is going quite well – her training of me, that is.

The first difference I encountered with having a small dog was feeding time. No problem. I had kibble left from my previous dog tenant. But when I looked at the kibble I had for what I call a full sized dog, and then looked at Bebe, I realized I had to make a trip to the store. These bites were too big for a little dog!

When I came home, I found she is very particular about flavors! Hey! She was in my keeping from the humane society so where does she get the idea she can be picky about her food? But, she is.

I bought every kind of small dog food I could find. She would eat it with gusto the first time and then decide she didn’t like it. One moist food was available in three different flavors packaged together. She chose one but didn’t appreciate the other two. Her vet suggested I cook congee for her. The base for that is chicken breast and rice. That worked. Now, I cook for her more regularly than I do for myself.

Well, let’s move on to bedtime. She sleeps on my bed. From the first night, she would settle down on my pillow and only move when I needed the pillow. The past two nights have been different. She still goes to my pillow first but then she moves, and moves and moves. And not quietly! The bed shakes and thumps. When I think she has settled down, the bed thumps again! Who knew such a little dog could jar the whole queen-size bed? After about an hour, she settled down closer to me, having already tried every spot on the mattress. At least I could reach her now. I petted her and crooned quietly to her, and at long last, we both went to sleep.

Why does she make these changes? I really don’t know.

I wonder if we humans might not act much the same way about things that seem pretty routine – prayer, for instance. I always say good-night to my animals before settling in to have a visit with my God. That doesn’t mean I think less of Him. It’s just that I want more unlimited time with Him. That’s what I tell myself and Him, anyway.

Then, as I talk to Him, I fall asleep. A dear friend once confided he felt so guilty when he fell asleep while praying. I told him Jesus was his friend and it was okay. Then, he asked how I would feel if he fell asleep while talking with me.

I don’t know the answer but I do know, our God is always ready to listen to us. After all, He is already dealing with our problems. So, just ask Jesus into your heart and leave the rest to Him.