Spiders among us

It was 10 o’clock at night – bedtime for me and my dog.

I had turned on the porch light and carried a small flashlight. The porch light is just that – it lights the porch and needs a little time to reach its fullness of light. It does not lend any light to the upper-body reaches I walk through to get to the lawn. The flashlight? To keep track of a black dog in the blackness of the evening.

We made our usual moves but when we topped the ramp to start down, I was attacked – by a spider web! It had never been there before. I went from calm and collected to a raving maniac in less than 0 to 60. If any neighbors had been watching, they would have seen what dance moves this old lady could make. However, judging by the darkness of neighbors’ houses, they were already down for the night.

Bebe, quite undisturbed by my tantrum, continued on. I was pretty sure I had cleared the walkway but as we went back up the ramp I swung my arms again and found more of the web. One strand even reached out and grabbed me.

Now, put yourself in my place – you have just had intimate contact with a major spider web and then discovered you had not fully cleared the area. My face and head had received the full impact of the attack.

Where was the spider now?

This required a thorough washing of the face, neck and arms and brushing of the hair. Even then I didn’t feel clear of a spider having made its nest somewhere on my person.

Morning came. I remembered last night. As we went out, I took the broom along in case I needed to clear the path one more time.

There in the same place waiting for me was the spider himself in his new work of the night – a very large web blocking the entire walkway. I did not introduce myself but I did notice this was no small spider seen frequently if you are country folk. No, this was one BIG guy! His size was impressive. Oh, I don’t mean he ranked in the tarantula size record books, but he was big!

I still keep the broom handy and check the walkway before going out, but having watched a couple of my dances, the spider played the part of wisdom and disappeared.

It occurs to me I should be as diligent in disposing of sin that reaches out to envelop me in its clutches. It’s there! I know it is! Still, I find it easier to ignore it than to bring it to Jesus for His cleansing power. When He cleans me, washes my face and brushes my hair, I am clean indeed because He applies His shed blood so I can enter boldly into heaven where I will find the place He has already prepared for me. No spiderwebs to block my approach.

Once there, if I look around, will I find you as my neighbor? You can be! Just ask Jesus into your heart – today!