Is addiction a part of your life?

Hear the word – addiction – and, probably like me, your mind automatically turns to alcohol and/or drugs. But there are many kinds of addiction, and sometimes I wonder if any of us are totally free from its clutches.

A friend is trying to help her nephew who suffers from street drug addiction. She even drove to Chicago to bring him to northwest Ohio, where he would participate in a live-in rehab facility. He agreed to this. It seems it was all to no avail, as he checked himself out early and found a way to get back to the Chicago area. The power of addiction!

Personally, as I have had numerous surgeries, I have taken prescription pain killers many times, and have been blessed to get away from them without addiction. So, I’m home free – right?

Well, so I thought. In my retirement, I waste a lot of time playing games on the computer. In recent months, I came across a word game which carried the warning of being addicted. Not a problem. After all, I’ve faced the possibility of addiction from other sources.

But, you know what? That game IS addictive! Pull it up, waste a few minutes playing the game, and true to form, I find myself playing again. No matter how many times I tell myself “this is the last one,” somehow the next blank screen comes up. I soon kill an hour or more! What happened to my will (or won’t) power?

It is not a “bad” game. The only negative I see is wasted time I could have spent in some productive way. The game is not nasty. It won’t even accept what were “nasty” words when I was growing up. (Yeah, I’ve tried that.)

There’s also addiction to TV. That has tested me for the past 10 days. Yes, TEN days. It has been 10 days since my TV provider chose not to speak to the TV itself. Today, that is supposed to be rectified. Again, I would say I watch very little television, as my hearing loss doesn’t allow me to understand much of the narrative.

Am I addicted to it? I would immediately say NO. But, do I miss it? YES. Those few programs that are part of my daily routine are missing. The house is too quiet. I don’t even have a radio. Bebe misses the usual sounds of a home, too. And those “things that go bump in the night?” They really do!

So, in 10 days, I’ve been learning to actually get some things done – things that needed doing – like sorting and deciding to keep or not to keep.

I chastise myself for not spending more time in Bible reading, prayer and study. Obviously, I have had 10 days worth of time to do so.

I think I need to cultivate addiction in those areas. Do you as well? No, God doesn’t spank us for not exercising those activities, but He does reward our efforts when we spend more time with Him. For that to happen, we must begin by getting acquainted with Jesus who died for us.