Sometimes the lost is found

When we three kids were small, our family, just like our neighbors, was struggling with the effects of the Great Depression. Nothing was wasted as there was always a use for it somewhere. Table scraps, few as they were, went to the cats and dog(s) who were our outdoor pets. Peelings fed the chickens. A canning rubber stretched around the toe of a shoe when the sole came loose allowed more use time for that worn out shoe.

I guess we were poor, but I didn’t know it. We lived just like our neighbors did.

Those are probably the underlying reasons I remember the following incident.

I was old enough to walk the driveway to the mailbox by myself. Later, I realized Mom probably kept a watchful eye on me from the window even then. This particular day, when I handed Mom the mail I had retrieved, she asked, “Wasn’t there any money in the box?” No, I hadn’t seen any.

I said I would go look again where I had walked. She said I wouldn’t find it in the sandy driveway, but I went anyway. Of course, Mom was right. I did not find the nickel that was expected. However, it had been worth the search as a nickel would buy a lot at that time.

So, you see, saving is ingrained in me even to this day. One just simply should not waste anything at all.

I was reminded of this when I was cooking for Bebe. She is such a picky eater and, right now, the only good food in her doggy mind is the congee which I cook according to the recipe supplied by her vet.

I had already cooked the chicken breasts, then cooled and diced them into small pieces. I put that into the crock pot with the cooking rice and reached for the spice bottle of ginger. There it was – right where I expected it to be. I removed the screw-on cap and laid it aside with no thought, measured out the needed amount, and continued stirring the crock pot.

As I stirred, I looked for the cap. No cap. I visually searched stove top and counter top. I hadn’t moved from this position. Yet I could not find the cap. It simply had to be right in front of me – somewhere. Though I hadn’t heard anything hit the floor, that’s where it had to be. It wasn’t!

I gave up. Totally against my principles, I would probably have to waste the remainder of the ginger. But, just in case, I didn’t throw it away.

Fast forward several hours – now I’m at the stove cooking something for my supper. Something on the stove top catches my eye. What is this? Yes, it was the top to the spice jar having escaped notice because it was black and was well camouflaged on the black stove top. The lost was found.

Sometimes we humans try to camouflage our sins, too. We try to bury them among the activities we consider good, acceptable. Scripture tells us, “be sure your sin will find you out.” (Num. 32:23) There is a cure for sin, though, found in the shed blood of Jesus Christ. There’s no better time to accept Him than right now.