Life’s Lessons

Where is ‘away’?

Every year when the first of January rolls around and other people begin their tax preparations, I vow to start mine as well.

I’ve never really figured out how others can begin spending their refunds when I haven’t even received my W-2 forms yet but apparently some employers put those forms out really early because that’s also when car dealers and others begin offering incentives to spend your entire refund and more with them.

That doesn’t affect me because I can never carry out that ambition to get it done early. About mid-January, I receive a letter advising me not to file before the middle of March, as one form I will need will not be available until then.

That takes the pressure off, but eventually I must attack that annual task.

The form that comes late did arrive and I set up my sorting table in an out-of-the-way spot where it will stay until the task is complete. No one sees it but me, so that’s not a problem.

Now, I really do some things right about this tax stuff. Having learned the hard way that all deduction forms need to be in the same file, I do that consistently throughout the year. So, I really didn’t dread the task TOO much. I always work from my check register first and compare those findings to receipts – well, you get the picture.

I changed my check register in September and immediately found the one from September to the end of the year. But where is the one from January to September? I distinctly remember “putting it away” when I changed it. Now, the problem is knowing where “away” is.

I spent the greater part of four days looking for that register. Having gone through that tax file more than once already, I did it again. No check register.

I sorted through every scrap of paper on my desk and every paper on the shelves in my computer/office work area – all to no avail. It wasn’t truly useless as I did find some other things I had wondered about and, since the shelves and desk were now empty, I could dust and organize them. But no check register.

As I said, I distinctly remember putting it away. It’s just that it is now six months after the fact and I don’t know where “away” is. I’ve looked in every logical place I can think of as well as places I don’t consider logical. But that illusive little book is not to be found.

Having exhausted every idea of places to look, I finally asked the bank to provide the information. They will do that, of course, but I really hated to admit defeat. (Hey! The phone just rang telling me the bank has my info ready!)

I have even begun to second guess myself and wonder if it was the second register, the one I actually have, that I remember putting “away”. Maybe the first one ended up in the recycle stack and met its demise early. I don’t know. I’m totally out of ideas.

You know, I’m really glad I don’t have to be responsible for knowing date and time of my recognizing my need of Jesus Christ in my life. I would probably truly be lost because I don’t seem to have a fool-proof method of filing important things. But I know I did receive Jesus into my heart and I know He resides there still.

Are you sure of your salvation? Don’t wait until the deadline (death) to get your important decisions in order. You don’t have to know date, time and place – only that you did, indeed, accept Him into your heart. Be sure you know Him and His redemptive power.

Where is ‘away’?