A life lesson in asking God for forgiveness

I was enjoying my morning shower when there was an ominous cracking sound. I had moved my feet around minimally before that warning sound. Still, I knew there was a weak spot in the floor of the shower so I wasn’t too surprised. The weak spot now had a circular crack part way around the drain.

Being the person I am, I thought it could wait awhile even though I knew there had to be a water leak in the crawl space – a space I make it a habit to avoid.

A casual conversation with a contractor confirmed what I already knew. This would not be an easy or cheap fix. This went on a while and finally I decided I should probably at least do a patch job. A trip to the hardware store and some time spent encouraging myself were the preparation I needed for the patch. It worked. It wasn’t pretty but it was secure – for a while!

Time passed. I got pretty good at keeping my feet away from the patch so I wouldn’t place undue stress on that part of the shower floor. Then, another shower. Another cracking sound. Indeed, another crack! This time the sound really startled me and there was very obvious weakness in the floor as the new crack went halfway around the drain.

But being a very determined person and definitely wanting to shower, I found a spot I could stand relatively safely. After cutting my toe on the sharp edge of the floor a couple of times, I had a serious talk with the contractor.

The shower had to be ordered but the end result will be well worth the wait. So, today is the day. They are here pulling the old, patched, and worn-out shower. That accomplished, and with the new one in place, I should be able to shower in safety by tonight or tomorrow. That will be a nice change.

Did you notice how I delayed doing what I knew was necessary? I tried to work around the problem. I tried a self-applied patch. Another crack and I went through those steps again – trying to “make do” when I really knew the right answer.

That’s just a picture of how I sometimes try to deal with sin in my life. From the very outset, I know the answer to the problem lies in taking it to Jesus Christ in prayer and repentance. But is that my first approach? Oh, no! I go through all the steps of getting advice, trying to fix it myself, avoiding the problem – yes, all the steps.

Finally, I do what I should have done in the first place – I take the sin problem to Jesus in prayer admitting my sin and asking for forgiveness. He has already paid the price with His death on the cross and is eager to forgive and forget.

He is there for you, too. Just ask Him.