So, really, who am I?

When I began school in the Wauseon Schools at age 11, I knew one classmate. Our mothers had been best friends for many years and so, I thought, I had an edge to acceptance. And, though I never voiced it to that classmate, she became a “touch of home” to me.

This move changed the direction of my life forever. That one who was my “touch of home” was very valuable to me, but I soon learned I had to stand independently and be myself. So, though not voiced, the question was in my mind – who am I?

Saying “I’m Helen Guilford.” carried no weight. I was still just that new eighth grader. I soon learned to identify myself as the daughter of Harold and Leah Guilford, who now managed the Fulton County Home and that was where I lived.

Throughout the rest of my school years, that was all the identification I needed. Many of my classmates (girls) were happy to get an invitation for an overnight stay. I think it was always more for the opportunity to explore that big brick building in Ottokee than it was to develop friendship.

Life happened. I moved around for college and employment and the “daughter of Harold Guilford” introduction no longer worked. I had to develop something else.

Finally, over 30 years ago now, I returned to the Wauseon area. Again, people wondered, “who are you?” On rare occasions the high school introduction still worked.

But, still, who am I?

I can sometimes identify myself through family ties, usually my brother, Paul. But the family is all in heaven now. So, really! Who am I?

I can tell who I was related to, where I live, what I do (or did) in life, that I attend church regularly, but does any of that identify me?

The better identification would be, “I am a child of God”.

Though proven in the Bible repeatedly, it seems good to recognize the significance of the fact! To say it aloud. Yes, I am a child of the living God and He loves me.

When I recognized Jesus Christ as my Savior, the truth of my relationship with God became significant. Though heaven must be crowded because of the multitudes who have gotten there ahead of me, there is always room for one more. There’s room for me (and you, too) at the foot of Jesus’ cross and God’s throne where I will look into his smiling, welcoming face and acknowledge Him as my true Father.

This morning’s reading from “3-Minute Devotions for Women” closed with this prayer, “Remind me that I am Your child and that You enjoy our relationship.” (Day 168)

Now, that’ s worth thinking about.