Praising the Lord in every way possible fills retirement

It seems to me that retirement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! During your working years, life settles into an every day routine – get up, shower, dress, take the dog out, have breakfast – etc. You come home at the end of the work day and drop back into your home time routine. Little changes. Oh, how you anticipate the changes ahead in your life when you can have those work hours all to yourself.

Then, suddenly, it happens.

I was retired only a week before I started working in another job. But, I told everyone, it is only part-time. My brother said, “You can’t work part-time.” In response to my “huh! Why not?” he said “because you will do a good job and you’ll soon be full-time.” He was right.

When that job disappeared, I went to another at the newspaper. Knowing that when I resigned from there, it would be my last job, I delayed, hesitated, put it off – until one Friday as I was leaving, with my written resignation still laying on my desk, God stopped me at the top of the stairs and let me know I was to pick up that paper and turn it in as I left for the weekend.

Well, I was right in believing it would be my last job. (Oh! I don’t mean this column. That’s strictly volunteer, and I’m in my 29th year – longer than any paid position I ever held.) Even now, there are times I say, “I wish I had (or could have) some job to go to.”

There’s something about that daily schedule that governed my life for so many years that I still miss. More than the paycheck!

How can I fill those empty places? Well, being on a deadline to have this column written and submitted is a help, but that’s only one day a week. Of course I am alert all week, while life goes on, for something I can turn into a column.

Many of you have been with me all 29 years and many more of you have followed my life and mental meanderings a goodly part of that time, though maybe not all of it. Another of my brother’s comments to remember when he learned I had accepted this responsibility was, “Huh! Where are you going to find something to write about every week?” I told him I already had three in mind and that would come. (Interestingly, I never used any of those three.)

Well, the headline of today’s column is “Praise the Lord”. If I have learned anything on this 29-year journey, it is to praise the Lord. That’s what was running through my mind when I sat down to write this morning –

“Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Let the earth hear His voice; Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord. Let the people rejoice!” It’s a Gospel song we sing frequently, giving it little thought. But we ought to think.

Praising the Lord should be our daily “job”. Even when days look dark and foreboding, it is still the Lord who gave His life to make a Way into heaven for you and me. Praise the Lord.