It felt SO good to do something normal

We had just finished breakfast and were enjoying the quiet of the morning – no neighborhood noise, no pets active in the house, no demands on the day – just peace and quiet.

I began thinking of our need to make a trip to Illinois to decorate my roommate’s family graves. If we did it that day it would be done early but would take the stress off making an all day trip the next week.

We would be getting a later start than usual, but that didn’t really matter this time. So, instead of our usual departure time of eight o’clockish, we left at nine.

Less than 30 minutes into our projected two-hour trip to Illinois, we met road construction. Then came Indiana and more road construction. So went the day. Then, I reminded myself this was a four-hour trip each way – not the two hours I had first thought.

We were on the turnpike at lunch time, and since neither of us really enjoys the fast food array at the rest stops, we chose to wait for our usual lunch stop in Illinois. Creatures of habit, you know. We had snack food with us so we would be okay to wait a while. But when we reached our usual lunch stop, we weren’t ready for a meal.

Just shy of Chicago, the interstate divides – one branch to connect with I-69 (that’s the one we wanted) and the other to go to Chicago. I have always been confused at that intersection. I can blame either the signage or my perception of it, I guess, but it is still confusing. I had driven less then a mile when I knew I was not seeing the things I ought to be seeing. I had made the wrong choice!

Yes, I know, I should have been following the GPS. Quickly, I started the necessary re-direction to get where I needed to be instead of going on into Chicago. A few extra miles and minutes didn’t matter too much.

We arrived at our destination, decorated the graves, and drove ‘round the little town of her youth. Oh, yes! Lunch? We each got a hot dog before starting our drive home. This time, road construction was shut down for the day. Though traffic slowed somewhat, it didn’t come to a standstill.

The day was a bit longer than expected but, you know what? It felt SO good to do something normal! The wrong choice of road near Chicago just added to the day’s events and, though temporarily upsetting, did not actually affect the day’s activities that much!

Of course, when I realized we were on the wrong road, I had solicited God’s help making the correction. God is a great GPS!

In fact, when we accept Jesus as Savior, He wants to guide our lives DAILY. It’s all a part of His master plan for our lives. Do you know Him? Take Him as your GPS on life’s road to heaven.