A year late, but catching up was worth the wait

A year ago, in May of 2020, I talked with a dear friend by telephone reminiscing that it was time for her birthday dinner – a special dinner for just the two of us held on or very near the actual birthday date. At that time, I was not yet convinced COVID-19 would govern our lives for the many months it has. My thought at the time was the birthday dinner would have to be delayed for a couple of weeks. So when she commented it might have to wait “until next year” I was stunned.

Still, it was, indeed, a full year’s delay. It was delightful to plan for this year’s get together.

Then, the afternoon of her birthday she called, “I’ll have to cancel tonight.” Knowing we were both fully vaccinated, my mind whirled with “why”. She was quick to tell me her brother and sister-in-law had just arrived to spend the day with her – dear ones she hadn’t seen since before Christmas. What a wonderful birthday surprise!

Well, a delay of a few days was far better than last year’s delay of 12 months. So we set a date to spend the evening together.

Though it’s hard to pack into one dinner meeting all you’ve been wanting to share over the past year or more, we made a good inroad on sharing family and personal news. We’re the kind of friends that can skip through time just being sure to hit the high spots – about the dogs who have come through my life during that time and about her kids and grandkids – who is where, who is graduating, and other plans.

Yes, we spent a most enjoyable evening. And though there will be a similar time together when my own birthday comes around, I think we agree the interim period will not stretch so long.

Knowing what the evening meant to us, I am stunned at how senior citizen parents now residing in nursing homes have been separated from their own children for so very long.

At the outset of what was to be a pandemic spanning more than a year, I, like many others, had no idea it would so extensive and inclusive.

Having just had that experience gives us all the greater reason to know Jesus – to accept Him into our hearts and to live for Him. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life for all who invite Him into their lives. Knowing Him prepares for heaven when life on earth ends. Do you know Him?