Just by chance, or was a higher power involved?

Did it happen just by chance? Some folks call it serendipity; others call it coincidence; and still others say an event happened just by chance. My thinking is that it’s a “God thing.”

Just last week one day, I wasn’t feeling quite on top of my game. My equilibrium seemed to be off. But as one usually does with these incidental “less than 100%” physical things, I didn’t give it a lot of thought or consideration – walked a bit slower and more carefully than usual, but that’s all.

Then after supper, I was going to take Bebe out for a potty break. I’m still not used to having a less than full-sized dog around. All these many, many years, the dogs that have have been part of my life have been medium to large dogs, even to include a Great Dane.

Then along came this pint-sized piece of dog-dom that needed a home while she has some surgery done for removing mammary tumors. Yes, I could provide a home for her. But, you see, she is of the little dog variety.

This has truly involved a learning curve for me! The first time I reached in the dog food storage container, I immediately realized I was out of my comfort zone. The dog food available was for full-sized dogs – not little ones! I offered it but her response clearly said, “Do you expect me to eat THAT?” Well, yes, I did, but she corrected me – that dog food was not for little dogs and I better head for the store!

I did go shopping and got something I thought would be appropriate. Well, the size and texture were right, but she simply didn’t like some of it. I was still learning.

Back to my equilibrium. The learning curve is related to feeding but the potty thing is about the same, no matter the size of the dog.

I bent down to put her leash on, and the equilibrium simply gave up! The bending down was a lot farther down than for a full-sized dog. I landed in a heap on the floor. It was not a hard fall, and it was, after all, on carpet. Still, there was a bit of a problem – I had to get up, and getting up from the floor is definitely a problem.

I tried one way and then another. And in the midst of all the trying, my phone rang. By the time I got to the phone in my pocket the call was disconnected but I did see it was my neighbor’s name that came up.

I returned his call, and he asked if I was okay. Yes, I was until about two minutes ago, but now I was on the floor and couldn’t get up. He asked if I wanted him to come over and I gladly accepted. Not to be totally dependent, however, I kept trying. And in the two minutes it took him and his wife to come in my back door, I had just gotten on my feet.

Serendipity? Chance? I’ll stand by my definition of it being God at work! These neighbors and I simply never call without a reason. God had a reason that evening, and He had set the stage earlier in the day when a package for the neighbors was delivered to my address and I had not yet discovered it.

You see, God really, truly cares for His children, and we are His once we ask Jesus into our lives!

Have you made that decision? There’s no better time than right now.