As with life, Christianity has a learning curve

I went to the “office”, actually the junk room where my computer holds reign, without a thought about what to write this morning. So I pulled up a jigsaw puzzle, as is my normal. I mean, after all, it’s not necessary to actually have the brain in gear while you match colors and/or shapes. Then, with that accomplished, I moved to my word processing program ready to write my column.

It should come easily now, as various ideas had staggered through my mind while I did that puzzle. Right? Not so. When I opened a blank page, my mind went just as blank as the page.

Maybe I should tell you about Bebe, my dog. Yes, I know I have previously called her Baby in this column. But after her surgery last week, she came home with a bottle of pain medication and I noticed the spelling is Bebe. I don’t know if I misunderstood when they told me her name or if this is simply a different spelling of Baby.

She was spayed and had two tumors removed, all in one surgery, so she is not up to full speed yet, but she is doing well and will probably be in better condition in another week. She did go to church Sunday, and together we managed the steps from the Sunday school area up to ground level. However, there was still a flight of steps up to the sanctuary. Bebe was tired, and I was dreading the stairs. We could use the elevator but I don’t like to do that. Then one of the men noticed the problem and asked if he could carry her up. She doesn’t weigh much (that “little dog” thing, you know) but carrying her upstairs presented a challenge for me, so I happily agreed.

The “little dog” thing has its own learning curve for me, too. I’ve always had medium to large full-sized dogs.

When I first brought her home, I realized the dog food I had was for full-sized dogs and she couldn’t, or at least wouldn’t, have anything to do with it. That required a quick trip to the store. I got a bag of kibble suitable for her size and, fortunately, also got a few packets of the moist stuff.

She will eat the kibble when mixed with the moist. So when I saw her vet after surgery, I asked about how to feed a little dog. She laughed and told me whatever I’m doing, just keep it up because she is in good condition. “She is doing well, Helen. Just keep up what you’re doing.”

Also, while I have shared my bed with a dog previously, last night was the first time I ever shared a pillow! And, it was ALL night! She was still claiming her half (?) of the pillow when I got up this morning.

As I said, it has been and continues to be a learning curve.

It just reminds me that almost everything in life has its own learning curve – from first learning to walk and talk as babies, to school, learning to drive a car, etc. There is something new frequently.

So it is with the Christian walk! As I read, listen, and observe mature Christians, I see where I can become more Christlike in my daily walk. But even before that, I (you, too) must know Jesus as Lord and Master as I step onto that learning curve each and every day.