Tax filing snafu a reminder to help others

I guess it comes down to the sure things in life – death and taxes!

Usually, when the year ends I start thinking about getting my paperwork around for those dear friends at the IRS. But there are always those that require me to wait until the middle of March, and by that time the new year rush of paperwork energy is depleted.

Nonetheless, I do start what preparing I can do ahead of time and have never been late, yet. Even last year, when COVID struck and there was a delay in the deadline announced, I still met the usual April 15 date.

This year, when it was announced the deadline was extended once again, I just didn’t put forth that extra energy to get right into it. Along came the April 15 date and I hadn’t even looked at my file. No need to rush. The due date was extended and I had been very careful to file everything that might possibly make a difference. So, I definitely KNEW everything was there. It was just a matter of sorting and organizing.

The next day though, I did pull out the file and begin that sorting and organizing.

Now, my taxes are never simple! I have W-2s from too many former employers, an abundance of non-profits I support, even in-kind donations and trips to deliver stuff to a mission in Kentucky, etc.

Still, since I had been so diligent all year about keeping every little thing in that file, it should be fairly easy and non-stressful.


Receipts I should have were not in that file I kept so religiously. Checkbook records didn’t show themselves either.

But the real shocker came when I found I did NOT have one of the W-2 forms! I would have to call for it. Oh! How I dreaded that call! I knew the office I called would be unhappy with my lack of diligence. I would probably get my ears burned. But there was no choice. I had to make the call.

I bit the bullet, so to speak, and dialed the number. My request was handled most graciously by a lady whom I think was young, judging by her voice. She promised, “We’ll get that right out to you.” I thanked her and wished her a good day, then bragged about her to my roommate.

It reminded me how much attitudes and willingness to help strangers really affect our lives.

We who know Jesus as Savior need to be diligent about sharing Him with not only friends and family, but strangers as well. There’s room in heaven for all of us. But we who know Him must share Him diligently – all year long – even if it is only through a phone call.