Out of touch with my phone, not with God

There had been nothing unusual about the day until I was getting ready for bed that night. As I slipped off my jeans, I emptied the pockets and would check the charge in my phone.

But when I put my hand in that pocket, it came out empty! I checked again. Then checked the other pocket. Nope – no phone. Mentally, I ran through all the usual questions – had I already put it on charge? Had I incidentally taken it out of my pocket when I put my keys away? Had I used it by the computer and left it lay there?

The answers were all the same – no!

I could think of only one other place it might be – in the car. We had gone to town that afternoon and made several stops. Each time, I had stayed right in my driver’s seat, making sure the dog was content.

Well, bedtime was not a good time to check the car, since the garage is not attached. No doubt that’s where I would find the phone.

After breakfast, I confessed to not having a phone. I say confessed because my roommate had lost her phone about two weeks earlier and it had not been found. So, now I made the trip to the garage. And did not find the phone!

I finally thought I should probably seek some help, so I went to the phone store where either I would get some help finding this one or would buy a new one. There, the young man took my information and tried to trace the phone. That didn’t work because it is a flip phone. Then, he offered to wait until I had time to get home and he would start calling me. That way, I could locate it by its ring.

I suggested he call the first time when I got to my car. At last! Success! The ring was obviously in the car – somewhere between the driver’s seat and the console.

When I got home, I looked and couldn’t see anything out of place. My roommate dug around and couldn’t see it either. So I took the car to the one person I knew could find the phone – the man from the auto body shop. He gladly located it, grinned, and thanked me for thinking of him.

Do you realize how isolated you can feel when you have no phone contact with friends?

The good thing about this is that I was reminded there is never a time or occasion when my Lord and Savior is out of touch with me. He is always listening for my voice or my thoughts. And He is always ready to answer. Though I may not be constantly aware of Him, He is still right there ready to answer my needs – even before I ask.

Do you also know Jesus? He is ready to listen to you, too.