Easter reminds us of the Lord’s ultimate sacrifice

I often think of pastors who preach year after year, season after season, holy day after holy day, and wonder how they can get the same message across each and every time yet not repeat what they said last year and the year before and the year before and the ye…

I admire their ability in the pulpit and what has to be a very special connection with the One whom they serve. When they get truly honest with you, some will tell you the holidays and seasons of the year are the most difficult.

A pastor in a church I attended years ago always took off the first Sunday of the new year. He had already said all there was to say, he thought, was tired of trying to say something new, and just stepped out of the pulpit for that Sunday. During his time with us, I grew to understand better how those special days and seasons drained the one bringing the message, because when I finished preaching on that Sunday I could look to the future and know I would have the same task next year. He had no intention of bringing a New Year’s message ever again.

But Easter is especially special!

It is the celebration of new life because it commemorates Resurrection Day, when the women went to Jesus’ grave site to anoint His body and found an empty tomb.

Jesus had died a horrible death two days earlier, was wrapped in the grave clothes of the day, and buried in a tomb supplied by a man who had prepared it for himself but selflessly made it available when Jesus needed it. A huge stone had been rolled in front of the entrance for security.

But on Easter morning, the women found the stone rolled away and the tomb empty.

No, Jesus was not there! He had risen from the jaws of death.

He is alive today!

He waits to greet you when you turn to Him in faith believing He died for you – yes! For you!

Even before you were conceived, He died for you because He would rather die a horrible death than spend eternity in heaven without you. The work is done. It is accomplished. Now the ball is in your park, and you must choose.

Choose Jesus! Choose life! And rejoice because …