Don’t let ‘if only’ deprive you of heavenly rewards

The church ladies had been asked to provide a light lunch for a small group who would be meeting there on Saturday. It took only a brief meeting following worship service to decide what would be served and who would provide each item.

Two ladies offered to bring sloppy joe and hot chicken for sandwiches. I said I would get the buns. All other items were covered and the meeting was over.

All week I kept reminding myself of my responsibility.

I had an appointment Friday afternoon and would stop to get the buns on the way home. That went well until I got home and realized I hadn’t gotten the buns. I retraced my tire marks, got the buns, and went home again. Why take the buns in the house? They would be perfectly safe in the car until morning.

Saturday came and I never gave the buns or the luncheon even one thought! But when I crunched down on a potato chip as I started to eat my lunch, the mental light went on!

“Oh! I was supposed to have those buns at the church a half hour ago!” I think it is safe to assume no grass grew under my tires as I reached the church in record time.

As I stepped into the basement, I noticed the table already set with food but not yet being served. Maybe I wasn’t too late after all. I also noted the ladies in the kitchen were not in any hurry to put buns out. After just a little sleuthing on my part, I asked if someone had already gone to pick up buns.

Yes, they hadn’t called because they didn’t want to bother me but they were delighted to see me because they now knew I had not had an accident on the way over.

We served the luncheon and then ourselves. There was opportunity for a much-appreciated visit that had been missing over the past year with the limitations put on us by COVID-19.

When I really thought about the incident, it occurred to me “if only” I had taken the buns to the house when I bought them, I would have seen them and remembered.

Oh, the “if only(s)” in life!

Don’t let an “if only” deprive you of a spot in heaven. There’s plenty of room for you. Are you ready? Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior? If not, there is no better time than right now. Consider this – He died for you.

Don’t come to your last breath and think “if only” I had accepted Christ. He is eagerly awaiting your response to His invitation.