Working with a new computer

I had made the agreement for a new computer weeks ago. At the time, the gentleman said he could just keep the old one and work from there but I would be without a computer overnight. While I didn’t think an overnight absence would be too detrimental, after some discussion, I decided to keep the old one until the new was available.

The next day came but the new computer did not. Finally, I called and set a new time for delivery. But when that time came, I was dealing with Lady’s last illness so chose to take a later delivery.

You know how it is – one thing led to two and now, some three weeks later, I have a new computer. So far, we, the computer and I, are getting along well but I’m sure there will be questions. You see, I am very illiterate when it comes to computer stuff.

So I spent all of Monday morning sitting with the installer learning what I could and being sure everything was moved from the old one to the new one. Fortunately for both of us, we could span the massive number of years difference in age and fill the waiting periods with conversation.

I asked if he had a lot of customers who, like me, are old and mostly computer illiterate. He answered that he did, indeed, have a lot of mostly computer illiterate customers but, very kindly, did not address the “old” part. How thoughtful of a young man in his 20s!

The afternoon was already filled with another appointment. So the day went, and I hope I have not forgotten all I learned as I now try to put it to use.

I find things don’t fix themselves in the old brain like they did when the brain was younger, but so far that is just an inconvenience, not a problem.

I’ve also learned that prayer doesn’t need to be long and specific (though that does have its place) to be effective. More recently, I’ve learned to pray in short outbursts – “Lord, help me! Lord, help me!”

I don’t have to spell out my problems because He knows not only my need but my heart and is eager to answer because many years ago I asked Jesus into my heart. He gives salvation, full and free, if we but ask. Then, He stays with us as He promised.