Getting old is not for the weak

The much repeated statement, “Getting old ain’t for sissies,” is SO true! Scarcely a day goes by without my bearing witness to its truth. Though the origin of the quote seems a bit fuzzy, actress Bette Davis is generally credited with its widespread usage.

I often repeated that adage without much thought if I got up with a headache, a backache or … the list is endless. And when do I ever get up without something hurting? It reminds me of the T-shirt I see advertised with the thought if I ever got up without something hurting, I would think I had died and gone to heaven.

Well, like I said, I repeated the adage long before I lived into it to the degree I have!

Things I don’t like about it:

1.) Of course, the aches, pains and other limitations related to getting older.

2.) Missing older friends and family members. When I can’t recall details regarding part of my younger life, there is no one to ask!

But perhaps more to the point, I miss that next generation above me that I could turn to for the “final deciding factor” in any given situation. Those who had wisdom! They had already lived longer than I had so when I needed advice I had a source of information. I miss that!

By the same token, I don’t see younger people turning to me for advice because I’m now a member of that generation. Of course, maybe my parents and brothers didn’t notice how often they were sought for wisdom either.

A couple of pieces of advice I recall from my oldest brother:

1.) When I got my own car, “Fill the gas tank. It doesn’t cost any more to run it off the top of the tank than off the bottom.”

2.) The first time I would be living by myself, “Eat hamburger. You can fix it many ways and there is no bone or fat waste to it.”

I also miss those older Saints in the church – those with years and years experience of walking the Christian walk. To me, they appeared to walk an exemplary Christ-like walk effortlessly!

Now, I’m in that group! But what kind of example am I? I don’t find younger people seeking me for advice. Well, okay! I had a phone call Sunday morning as I was getting ready for church. Tearfully, the voice said, “Grandma, I just miss _____ SO much!” I gladly spent several minutes encouraging him in his walk and finally suggested I bring ______ to where he is now living and together we seek God’s leading in their lives. He was pleased. Apparently, he thinks I have wisdom.

I don’t like being the “older” generation. I don’t have the wisdom I always attributed to them. I still need to seek them out. Then I inventory our church congregants and discover that – age-wise – I’m third from the top. And that only by a few months.

Face it, Helen. You’re there, like it or not. Now, the question: what is God asking of me in this period of life? I don’t know where you fit the age spectrum, but I do know He has a plan for your life just as He does for mine.

First, know Jesus; then, seek God’s leadership. He’s waiting for you.