Some things you just don’t get used to

You would think that after writing this column for 29 years (yes, I’ve started my 30th year.), I would be accustomed to going to the computer on Tuesday morning without even a scrap of a thought about what I was to write. And now the Thursday issue of the paper that carries my column will be only on the internet and I have many readers who are, like me, electronically challenged. Changes! Not always welcome.

I remember one time when I still lived in Kentucky and was visiting at home, as we left church on Sunday, my brother, Russell (who wrote for the paper for 24 years) said he had to write his column that afternoon. Being my usual inquisitive self, I asked what he was going to write about. His answer? “I don’t know.” Mentally, I scoffed at that, but now I understand.

Well, anyway, this is one of those mornings. I’ve never become accustomed to them, but with restrictions placed on us by COVID-19, they are all too frequent. Not being out and about limits what I am exposed to that I can make a column from.

I mean, you probably understand, it is now an “outing” to go to the grocery store every couple of weeks! I did that yesterday. No excitement there.

The greatest excitement in our lives out here in the country has been getting a car (one of our own, of course) stuck in our driveway. Not once, but twice!

This is our fifth winter in this home and the first time we were not rescued from the snow by a neighbor. Well, in fact, much later than usual, one neighbor did call and ask if we had a problem. He had just gotten home from work – late on a day I needed him. I told him we had called the landscape business that had taken care of the lawn after a pickup truck wrecked on it. They came that evening after dark and freed up the car, plowed the drive, and even shoveled up to the deck!

Then, we got another snow. My roommate has to use a cane, so she always drives to the end of the driveway to get the mail. She turned a little too short, got off the drive, and was stuck again.

Though we did manage to get the car out, the next day was Sunday, and I was supposed to preach. If we got the additional snowfall that was forecast, we would be challenged to get out of the drive. Back to the landscape people.

Hey! Do preachers have a special link to foresee the weather? I ask because our pastor and his wife are basking in the warmth of Florida. And they are NOT shoveling snow! I have another preacher friend doing the same thing. Just good planning, I guess.

Well, I’ve discussed a bit of history of this column and the weather, what’s left?

Jesus! He is always here with us, snow or warm summer sunshine. He has promised to never leave us or forsake us. What better promise could we ask?

Friends, if you still don’t know Him, there is no better time to make His acquaintance. Just open your heart and life. Invite Him in. It doesn’t have to be a fancy prayer. I’m not good at that either. But just invite Him to take up residence in your life.

He will. He is waiting to hear from you!