Thanks for a smooth and professional experience

COVID-19 vaccination. According to the schedule I fit the age category, so I made the dreaded phone call. For me, all phone calls are dreaded due to hearing problems.

Surprisingly, I talked with a lady who seemed aware of such problems and was able to make me understand. After taking my information she said I would receive a phone call with my appointment. That did come in just a couple of days – day, time, and location.

When the day arrived I was stopped in the driveway, where it was ascertained I did, in fact, have an appointment and the lady checked my temperature. From there I was directed in the next step. And from that step, I was further directed. I asked for a close parking place because I don’t walk well, and was accommodated.

Mask in place, I entered the building. The directions continued as I proceeded through the rest of the appointment. I filled out my paper work and moved on to the actual injection. That didn’t take long!

Next, a 15-minute waiting period, mandatory for everyone, during which I was given a bottle of water and a snack bar which I could either eat or take with me, but, hey! by now it was lunch time, so I ate it.

I also received some printed “What to do IF…” stuff and a card with my next appointment. Before leaving I received a wallet card in case I needed to prove the vaccination.

Through the whole process, I was impressed with the courtesy, professionalism, and friendliness of each individual doing his or her part. The entire process was well-planned, and just as well-executed. Thanks and congratulations to the staff, the volunteers, and those who did the planning of the physical layout. Good job! It takes me back to the earlier days of COVID-19 when we heard it repeatedly every day – “We’ll get through this … TOGETHER.” It’s that kind of working together that makes the difference.

Our lives will continue to be altered, and not what we desire, for some time ahead, but with caring people doing all they can to improve the status quo even this altered state of normalcy becomes tolerable.

Lives will continue to be lost. Are you ready if your name is called?

Invite Jesus into your life and heart. He provides a normal you can depend on.