Life’s Lessons

The eviction notice

I had heard of them, knew they existed, but they were for other people. Right? I also knew that, if not complied with, the one who received the notice would be evicted – forcibly! At midnight he, she or they could find themselves watching all their belongings being placed on the front lawn, weather not being a consideration. But, as I said, they were for other people!

Imagine my surprise when I received one!

Where I rent we have an inspection every six months and it was time for mine.

Like everyone else in the compound, I always feel a little edgy when it comes inspection time. I’m not sure why. I take good care of the property. I’m not the best housekeeper in the unit, I’m sure, but neither am I the worst. Yet, when it comes time for the inspection, I put forth a bit more effort to have things neat and clean. I leave dusting for last and sometimes it doesn’t get done, but clutter has been dealt with, floors are clean and the house is on the high side of the livable line.

The on-site manager arrived carrying her ever-present clipboard and a pen. I didn’t notice she also had an envelope until she said, “Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but…”

I interrupted. “I’ve already heard.”

“Heard what?”

“The rent is going up again.”

“No, it’s something else.” She continued, “Have you paid your rent?”

“Of course, I always write that check as soon as my Social Security check comes.”

“They haven’t received it in the home office.”

I showed her the check register giving the check number. I had failed to date the register but told her when my check arrived I had written the rent check and mailed it either that very same day or the next..

She said, “Well, they haven’t received it,” and handed me that envelope she had been carrying. We discussed ways to deal with the problem. I said, “Well, something will have to be worked out because I don’t have the money to write a second check and the fee for an overdraft is very high.”

The inspection itself went well and as she left she assured me she would contact the home office in my behalf as soon as she completed a couple more inspections. Then she would call me.

As time is counted on the clock, it wasn’t really very long until her call came, but it seemed like an eternity as I waited. The home office had just received my check in that day’s mail. I would not be charged a late fee either as it was postmarked in January. (Just like I said.)

Talk about a sigh of relief!

It was while I awaited her call that I actually opened the envelope and read the notice. It was clearly marked “eviction notice.” I had only six days to get out! Boy! These folks don’t mess around, to they? Where do you find a place and get moved in six days? I have never even been late paying my rent and they’re going to evict me? I really didn’t want to see my belongings setting out on the curb.

It was just one of those things that happens when the USPS has a bad hair day, I guess, but I was the one getting the short end of the stick this time.

One thing I do know – when I take up residence in heaven, and I will because I know Jesus Christ as my Savior, there will be no eviction notices. My home there is paid in full by Jesus’ blood shed on Calvary. Do you know Him so you, too, can be sure of eternity?

The eviction notice