All in a winter’s day stirs up a memory

At news time, the forecasters had decided we would not be getting the snow and other wintertime stuff they had been forecasting. Well, that was quite all right with me – as though that made a difference.

But when Lady and I stepped out for her final nighttime ritual, we had almost an inch of snow and it was still coming. Still, that’s not bad at all for northwest Ohio in January so I didn’t give it any more thought.

When we went to the door this morning for our first of the day call, I noted we had not gotten very much more. Again, I approved.

I sat down to have my toast and coffee and turned on the TV news. What’s that scroll saying? What? School delays? School closings? Well, surely that affects only the viewing area south and east of us, as it often does. Nonetheless, I watched the scroll and noted all schools in our immediate area were not just delayed – no, they were closed. It soon became clear there had been icy roads sometime during the night that could still be a problem.

As with many things these days, it doesn’t take a lot to send my mind down Memory Lane, so hang on for the ride.

When I was in elementary school, we lived in the country and relied on school buses. Dad was a bus driver and had built a shed on the barn so he could keep the bus at home and start his route right from our house. Though I could ride the bus that came by our house a bit later, I usually rode with Dad.

On winter mornings when travel seemed a little “iffy”, before we left home either Dad or I would go to the basement and get a bucket full of ashes and cinders from where we had cleaned the furnace. If the bus were to slide in the ditch or otherwise become snow disabled, we could put ashes and cinders under the tires and gain enough traction to continue on our way.

In today’s world that wouldn’t happen. After all, help is only a phone call away, and please note that is a cell phone in the driver’s pocket. Anyway, morning television would have announced school delay or closure.

I’m not advocating returning to those days but there were things about them, that era, that are worth preserving. For one thing, more of us observed Sunday as a day of worship and rest – a time set apart to honor our loving Heavenly Father.

One thing that has not changed over these years is the love our Heavenly Father has for each and every one of us – His children. If you still don’t know Him, He is but a prayer away (not even dependent on your cell phone). Just breathe a prayer acknowledging your need and desire of Him in your life. He is waiting and listening for your voice.