The saga of Tommy the neighborhood cat

I introduced you to the neighborhood cat a couple of months ago.

For the last several months, whenever there were table scraps after supper, I scattered them under the pine tree at the end of the house. By morning, the scraps were always cleaned up but I never saw any signs to tell me what animal(s), either wild or domestic, had benefited.

Then, one evening, a cat showed himself and gobbled down his supper. He soon began showing himself quite regularly until he earned a name – Tommy.

Tommy soon made himself at home on the deck where he monitors our coming and going. By this time, my roommate had decided since we have no house cats now that he needed to be fed regularly. Thus came about frequent trips for cat food.

So, Tommy was now a family member and, though living on the deck, he could count on regular feedings and no longer depended on table scraps, if any. First thing in the morning, the report was given – “Tommy is here,” or not.

But on a recent morning, no Tommy. He didn’t come all day. This had happened previously on weekends but never during the week and this was Thursday!

Friday, no Tommy. Saturday and Sunday, no Tommy. Monday morning didn’t change the picture either and by now we had decided something dire had happened to the neighborhood cat.

But Monday, when I returned from town, I heard it! A very loud, unmistakable “MEOW!” That could only be Tommy! It was. So he is “home” again and not explaining his absence of several days at all.

That neighborhood cat had not only made himself at home on the deck but, we discovered, he had also won a spot in our lives. When he was gone, we missed him. Yes, we even worried about him. Now he is reclaiming his place in our lives and regularly looks for his food.

Just as we watched for him those days, so our heavenly Father watches for us to return to Him. Looking for food? Not really, More like we’re looking for evidence of His presence in our lives.

Once we accept Jesus into our hearts, His promise is ours – “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5) and this is true because He is “the same yesterday, today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8)

Just as Tommy was welcomed “home”, so we, too, are welcomed “home” to a special spot at Jesus’ feet.