What’s the news?

Well, with COVID-19 turning our lives upside down, sometimes it seems next to impossible to get the usual stuff to fall into line. But this is a bit unusual anyway due to last week’s printing schedule. Still, I was offered the opportunity to have a second column in the paper this week.

Let’s look back at last Sunday’s services. The first news to greet us was the announcement the long-awaited new addition to our congregation had arrived – just the day before. The baby’s grandparents and great-grandparents were in the congregation as usual because COVID shut down visitation at the hospital

Later, during the announcements prior to worship, a beautiful photo showed up on the screen. However, it was not the new baby because no one could get near for a photo. Instead, it was baby’s “big sister” who had turned one year old about two weeks earlier. Their grandmother said that was OK because they looked just alike.

Well, while I rejoiced with the entire congregation present, I thought I also needed to make an announcement – “I can’t beat that, but I DO have a dog,” I said.

Clapping! Clapping! Clapping!

You see this congregation had become accustomed to having Kelly in services. “If Helen was here, Kelly was here,” I heard the pastor report one evening. They have missed her, too.

Though I now had Lady at home, I was hesitant to even mention it because several months ago I took a dog with me to services and then needed to return her. But, yes, I do have Lady Hospi! I will thoroughly introduce her in an upcoming column after she and I have had more getting acquainted time.

You know, God cares so much about each of us He even wants to be the One to choose our friends and our pets. He is interested in every aspect of our lives. Let’s be careful to always seek His guidance whatever the choices ahead of us.

He loves us. He cares.