Returning to time past

Sunday morning arrived with sustained winds gusting to 50 or 60 mph. Not really a pleasant day at all, but it was Sunday. Time to be on the way to church.

The praise team was still leading singing when, suddenly with minimal warning, the lights went out. Singing continued and very soon the lights came on and everything was just about normal again.

As the pastor and worship leader took their places, the scenario repeated itself with one major difference – this time, the power did not come back on!

The candles on the altar were lighted. That and daylight provided the lighting for the service. I was reminded of days when that much lighting was the normal. Though our church did have electricity, many churches and homes did not.

Without the Scripture on the screen before us, we watched our worship leader struggle to read with only the light from the window. Both he and the pastor did well projecting their voices, but today’s modern aspects of the service were in evidence by their absence.

Today we have even lost sight of the significance of the lighting of the candles. In many churches, the light is carried from the entry to the altar. At the close of the service, the light from the altar candles is carried to the entry. The symbolic message is those who worship carry the Light of the World into the service, get it renewed and then carry it back to the world.

Do we as individuals in worship carry the light of the cross into the sanctuary? Or do we simply bring in a continuation of the conversations we’ve been enjoying? The catching up on the news of the week? The latest antics of our infantile clientele?

Do we display the Light of the World in our daily lives? Where is that light we got renewed on Sunday?

I found myself becoming grouchy when another lady in a store told me my cart was in her way! Well, it was! And in this day of social distancing, I was being thoughtless. But grouchy? No excuse for that!

Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait until Sunday to get that forgiven because Jesus is always with me. I can turn to Him at any time. In fact, I should have turned to Him right then and displayed some of His light to the lady who needed the aisle space. Such a little thing. Yet maybe she needed to see the light of Jesus a lot more than I needed to occupy the aisle.

Seek Jesus and become His light to family, friends, acquaintances, even strangers. Be the Light of the World to the world.