Rely on the Lord for the right route

Recently, I seem to have developed a gift for missing or failing to properly follow route signs. Case in point – on the way to North Carolina I failed to see a route sign and faced a lot of confusion. Then, recently on the return from Kentucky while on a road that is very familiar to me, I did something very similar.

I was cruising along and enjoying the drive when I began noticing the mile marker posts were not displaying the numbers I expected. This is a very familiar route and things just didn’t look right.

While processing this information, there was actually a route sign. Yes, I was on the interstate, but the wrong one! I-64 would take me to Louisville, but I needed to be on I-75, with Cincinnati being the major city ahead.

I made my way to an exit, changed my direction and got busy with my mumbling and grumbling. I had spent considerable time, miles, and gasoline traveling in the wrong direction .

Finally, I decided I could either adjust my attitude and enjoy the rest of the trip or I could let the mistake ruin what had been an enjoyable day. I adjusted my attitude just as I had adjusted my travel route.

Before leaving for North Carolina, I had briefly scanned the route in the atlas, knowing I would have it with me for fuller study later. Then, I left it on the table at home! Apparently, on the return from Kentucky I simply was not paying attention to this very familiar road and made an incorrect choice.

In both cases, the mistakes cost time and temper but were corrected so the day was salvaged!

So it is with life!

Many of us grew up in the church. We are familiar with both our Guide and the Guide Book, the Bible. But unless we stay in contact, we lose sight of our route markers. We must practice walking daily with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Out of pure love, He invites us to come, learn more of Him, and walk with Him.