A Tuesday like any other? Not exactly.

It was Tuesday. I was writing my column, and with the very next word my keyboard quit! It was not truly unexpected, as I knew it was on its last legs.

Probably batteries. I went to the drawer that holds batteries and found … lots of AA batteries, but not one AAA which, of course, was what I needed. Still, a quick trip to town would solve the problem.

Back from town, I changed the batteries and … even with new batteries, the keyboard refused to respond. Off to Walmart. Home with a new wireless keyboard. Plugged in that little doo-dad that is required. Result? Nothing!

Back to town to consult with those computer guys that have all the answers. A very gracious consult with them. I went home with a new wired keyboard. Plugged it in and the result was the same.

I kept trying various “fixes” that MIGHT work. Nothing did.

You’ve probably counted three trips to town already. By the end of the day, using their advice to turn off the computer and allow it to rethink its stubbornness, I did get a keyboard to work!

In total, I had made five or six trips to town, partially because using the telephone to get advice is very challenging due to my hearing impairment.

Frustrating? Beyond measure.

While this was going on, the man who takes care of my furnace had arrived to do the annual inspection, cleaning, and whatever else was needed. As I was leaving for about the last time, he chose to remind me of the age of my house. Of course, the furnace is the original, and between it and the air conditioner I would probably need a replacement in the spring.

The good news? He thinks it will make it through the heating season.

Now, that news was not really unexpected, but still not what I wanted to hear. Notice how quickly I got it said on paper. It took him about 10 minutes to properly insure that I had that in mind. Believe me, I did!

By the time he was finished explaining, I was nearly in tears.

At bedtime, as I settled in for some rest and renewal, I laid the whole day at the foot of the cross. In just a short time God instilled in my heart an Old Testament verse, I Samuel 17:47, “the battle is not yours.” Thus assured, I gave the problem over to God in full and will trust Him to provide when the time comes.

Accept Jesus into your heart and you, too, can experience such assurance, not only for your daily problems but also for your eternal salvation.