A few days away include an alarming surprise

We recently enjoyed a five-day getaway – taking all the COVID precautions we could. Our destination was a small town in North Carolina that held fond memories. We were avid campers at the time we made the memories, and located a campground there. It was only about a five-hour drive and made a nice weekend trip.

As I recall the campground, it was quite undeveloped, though it did have modern restrooms besides your table, fire pit, and a relatively level spot to set your camper. It was all we needed, and we liked the back-to-nature setting.

We are no longer camping, so the fact that we didn’t find the campground on this trip really didn’t matter. However, when we drove into the sleepy, little mountain town of our memories, it had changed. No longer was it little or sleepy! We found ourselves in four-lane, bumper-to-bumper traffic.

We found two motels, one of which we thought we could probably afford. However, it sported a “NO VACANCY” sign on the door. On to the other one. That sign read, “We’re CLEAN.” We paid their exorbitant price, took the elevator to the third floor, and settled in for an evening of TV and a good night’s sleep.

Well, the TV worked out OK, but the sleep?

About one o’clock in the morning, an alarm sounded. Both of us thought it was the radio alarm clock. We pushed every button on that monster and finally unplugged it and moved it to the bathroom. That didn’t help! The alarm continued.

When the alarm finally stopped, we realized it was the fire alarm. I looked up and down the hallway and saw nobody. We went back to bed. Just as sleep was nearing, the alarm sounded again. Then again, and again. Each time we neared sleep, the alarm went off. All told, it was five, possibly six, times! Not the restful night we hoped for.

In the morning the fire alarm had not been reset, so we had to struggle from the third floor to carry our luggage down those many steps because the elevator was out of service. We picked up our “grab and go” breakfast, thanks to COVID, and were on our way once again.

By the end of that day things were looking up, and the rest of the trip went better.

So how does that picture the Christian life? Well, as Christians, we are not immune to life’s alarms and struggles, but we do have One who is all sufficient to lean on. With Jesus, it is much better than the old saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

Learn to lean on your Savior daily, even moment by moment. Trust Him. He is able, and He cares!