About home invasions that turn into a blessing

Like you, I’ve heard and read about home invasions. But never (I repeat, NEVER) did I think it would happen to me.

I was expecting my contractor and his crew that afternoon to replace a porch roof. Since he had already looked it over and given me an-off-the-cuff estimate, I was not concerned about being at home when he arrived, so I went to the humane society about two miles away.

When I got home, five vehicles already filled my drive. Another pickup arrived, and a man got out carrying a crock pot to plug in the kitchen. I’d been wondering if I should provide something for supper. Unknown to me, there would be more vehicles arriving all afternoon, too.

There were already five men on the roof doing the removal part of the project and directing the debris into the trailer parked next to the porch. Hey! I know these guys!

Finally, the mystery was solved when my pastor stepped in the door and said, “The church is doing this for you, Helen, and the women will be here to serve a meal at 6:00. Nothing to worry about. This is just something we want to do for you.”

Friends, you could have knocked me over with a feather! Though I have often been on invasions such as this, I’ve never before been on the receiving end!

The men stripped the old roof clear down to the rafters, replaced the sheeting, laid a new shingle roof, and did the trim work. They started about 3:00, stopped to enjoy the delicious supper the women provided, and by 7:45 p.m., every tool was picked up, along with some stuff left from the vehicle accident that ended up on my lawn the previous week, and everyone was on his/her way home.

The ladies had taken care of the supper items, leaving some leftovers for me, repacked the table and folding chairs they brought with them, and made sure everything was ship-shape.

Amid smiles and a very sincere “thank you,” what a wonderful invasion!

Yet, when I tried to thank my contractor all he said was, “It wasn’t me; it was God!”

Yes, when God puts His people to work on a given project much is accomplished as well as fellowship being shared. If it’s that great on earth, just imagine what it will be like in heaven.

Don’t miss out! Ask Jesus into your heart today if you have not already done so! Maybe you could bring blessing to someone just as this group blessed me! I know God has blessed them, too. Thanks be to God.