Change with but a moment’s notice, and much to do

Sometime early this year, when we were first beginning to hear about coronavirus, I met with my orthopedic surgeon about a shoulder problem. X-rays and discussions led to setting a date for surgery – in May.

Then coronavirus became pandemic. It spread to our country and took over every aspect of every life. Before we knew it, non-emergency surgeries were canceled for an indeterminate length of time. There went my May appointment.

Finally, though, hospitals were granted permission to go ahead with non-emergency surgery. My appointment was moved to August with the stipulation if a cancellation occurred, they would slide me into that spot. I accepted that thinking there was not a chance a cancellation would happen.

I went ahead with all those pre-op tests and appointments including one with my general practitioner. That was at noon on Friday. Late that afternoon, I received the phone call I least expected – there had been a cancellation, my GP had approved my surgery, test results were in and OK – could I come in Monday?

Glad to get the ordeal started so the “over with” aspect could begin, I readily agreed.

After I hung up, I began to think of all the things I needed to do before I could go in for surgery – the first requirement was to have at least one column written and submitted, and two would probably be safer, pay some bills, make the required ice packs, etc. You know how those things multiply when time is limited. So that’s where I find myself right now. One column written and one in progress. Oh, I still need …

Yeah, there are still things demanding my attention even as time winds down to only hours. Let’s see: no cat or dog eliminates quite a few things, but those ice packs still need to be made, get the garbage out (done!), take care of some things stacked for recycling (done!), get registered for an upcoming meeting (in process), be sure someone will be available to bring me home when the time comes … The list goes on and on.

There is one appointment still ahead that I (and you too!) must be prepared for – that one set by God Himself for the date and time He has already set aside to meet with us when He calls us home. No last minute details to be taken care of, no worries about pets, nothing – just be sure you have accepted Jesus into your heart so when your time comes, you are ready. Are you?