Sometimes it can be a cat and dog world

When I adopted Jackie, I brought her into a household already accommodating one cat – Peanut. The two looked really good together as both were mainly black and, as I say, had white trim including four white paws. More importantly, they seemed to get along quite well. This tentative peace lasted several days. Until…

One evening we came home and Jackie was with us. As she stepped out of the garage, I didn’t even have hold of her leash. She could plainly see Peanut on the deck and the chase was on! These two, who had been developing a tentative friendship, were in a race for life. Well, they both lived through it, but Peanut decided there had to be better, happier, perhaps even safer, living quarters elsewhere. He didn’t come home!

Not that night or the next night either. He simply didn’t live here any more. I was sorry about that but, while my roommate thought he had probably been hit on the road, I thought he had taken up company with other “neighborhood” cats.

Time passed. Peanut was no longer living with us. Then I returned Jackie because of her over-protectiveness of me and my concern for the safety of others.

About a week after I surrendered Jackie, I stepped out on the front porch one afternoon and heard an unmistakable “meow”! I called my roommate and we sleuthed until one of us located the source of that plaintive cry – safely ensconced in the crotch of the tree right in front of the porch.

No amount of pretty kitty talk or even the offer of food and milk would budge that fellow. But he did keep up his one-sided conversation. For the next week or so, that continued from time to time. He would never respond.

Then one night this week, as I did a visual scan of the back yard before going to bed, Peanut was on the deck. I brought him in, he quietly stayed the night, and the next morning went outside again.

I haven’t seen or heard him since. He knows where home and safety await him, but he still isn’t convinced he wants to give up his wayward ways.

How like us!

We have these same traits. We stray from the straight and narrow Christian walk, perhaps return for a taste of the “good” life, but still want to live with a foot in both worlds.

It’s time to give up our wayward ways and return to our Christian walk by just asking Jesus to forgive and cleanse us one more time. He is able, willing, and even eager to receive us back into His loving arms.

Even to greet us with a “Welcome home, My child.”