Oh, what changes a week can bring about

Let’s look back at last week. We will find some things to our liking and others not so! From that we will determine if it was a good week or a bad week.

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell as the week transpires but at the end, when we look back over it, we decide its quality. In truth, though, every week, every day, every hour amass to determine our evaluation. As I look back, I find highlights, like the two hours I spent in a park with my grandson eating burgers from McDonald’s and catching up on the news in our lives while still maintaining social distancing.

He spent that time not only visiting with me but getting to know Jackie, my latest canine. There was enough time for her to get accustomed to him and even to quit growling. You see, growling is a major problem of hers.

On the negative side of my evaluation of the week is the business meeting I missed at church. With no paper bulletin to lie on the table to remind me daily of that upcoming meeting, I simply didn’t remember it until Saturday night, when I went to bed. OOPS! That was a bit late, since the meeting had been Thursday evening.

I really hate it when I do those forgetting things. It makes me feel old! And I’m not ready for that – never mind what the count figures out to when you compare my year of birth to 2020.

The week ended with my returning Jackie to the Humane Society because she had become overly protective of me – claiming me for herself and not always eager to share, so here I am in a dog-less condition once again. I’ll give it some time knowing that my God can and will provide the dog He has already chosen for me in His own time. Of course, I knew that before I brought Jackie into my life but at the time, I thought she was the one.

Now, I don’t know how you feel about praying for our animals, but I believe God is interested in that aspect of our lives, just like He is interested in everything that affects us. So I pray for Jackie, that she will find a suitable, loving home where she can freely relate to and bestow her love upon someone — her furever home. (Misspelling intentional.) She is smart, loving, and lovable, and deserves the best.

Yes, our God is a big God and ever present in our lives, particularly after we invite His Son, Jesus, to take up residence in our lives. He cares about all our hurts, whether mashing a thumb with a hammer or mashing our heart with the loss of a pet. The point is this – He cares!