Stranded at an impasse between canine companions

One thing I have done during this stay-at-home time is search for a successor dog to Kelly. With some restrictions lifted, I’ve actually visited a couple of humane societies.

Yesterday, I went to one I had visited via Internet. When I arrived, I was turned away at the door when the young person asked if I had an appointment. No. I didn’t know I needed one. Did I look at their website? Yes, but there was nothing there about appointments. Her response? “Well, I don’t do the website.” I still didn’t get in.

What dogs do they have? She said they had a lot of dogs but I still couldn’t see them. The fact that she seemed to think she was wasting her time talking to an old woman didn’t help either.

At the next place, I was invited in and taken to the open air kennel area where the dogs were housed for the afternoon. The ladies in charge were polite and eager to help in any way they could. They actually had a nice adult dog that I had been watching on the internet and wanted to inquire about. There was scarcely any information about the animal on their website except female and adult. When I asked about her, I found she is prey driven and will kill any animal unfortunate enough to cross her path. Well, that wouldn’t work with a cat already in residence. Cross that one off my short list of possibilities.

And that’s the kind of day it was.

I’m beginning to wonder if there is another dog in my future. I’ve talked to God about it and even suggested He just pick out the right animal and drop it off at my house. That hasn’t worked either.

I keep saying my reason for wanting another dog is o train for therapy work at the nursing home like Kelly did. But, to be totally honest, I crave the companionship for myself, too.

A friend and I have met several Saturdays at a metropark along the river. She always brings Frankie, her dog. As we practice social distancing, Frankie places himself right between us where he is on the receiving end of both of us petting him.

Smart? Oh, yes. Periodically, he turns around so each of us can pet the other end! That petting time helps but I notice when I start home without him there is still a dog-shaped hole in my life. Will I get another dog? If and when it is in God’s plan, yes. Since I will be having a shoulder repaired when that kind of surgery is allowed, maybe this isn’t the opportune time it looks like.

As I wait, (notice I didn’t say “patiently” wait) Frankie will have to give me my dog fix from time to time. I’ll probably be okay with it in the end, but I really miss my 24/7 companion.

You know, we are invited to “hang out” with Jesus on a 24/7 basis also. Once we invite Him into our lives, He promises never to leave or forsake us – not even during a pandemic that seems to stress every aspect of life. He simply takes up residence in our hearts and lives in and through us. Sometimes, I wonder if He had a dog when He walked the earth.