How Danica’s letter totally brightened a day

Though, from this vantage point, it’s difficult, if we keep looking for the good to come out of this pandemic, I do believe we will find some. Look for the bright spots daily.

In last week’s column, I casually mentioned no longer having Kelly constantly at my side. How I miss her! And so far I have not been successful in finding a successor companion dog to train for therapy work. I keep asking God to please just drop off that dog He has selected right at the house, if that wouldn’t be too much to ask. He hasn’t done that yet. I’m still looking and still saying “Good night, Kelly” as I turn out the light in our bedroom.

Anyway, back to the point – yes, I did make mention of Kelly once again.

Then, one day this week the mail brought en envelope, hand-addressed and with a local return address I didn’t recognize.

Curiously, I opened the missive.

The writer had used crayon (my first tip this might be from a child) to draw a heart and print “I’m so sory for your dog”. She expressed herself well with X O X O, a sticker and a hand-drawn picture of a dog. Then, in pencil, she signed her correspondence with her name in cursive and another heart which encircled another XOXO and LOVE.

The writing on the envelope told me her Mom had helped with that part.

You would be surprised how Danica’s letter brightened my day! Thanks, Danica (and to your Mom, too).

The entire scenario makes me think that, with school not in session and many parents at home due to forced unemployment, parents and children have time together to do those things that used to be so commonplace. It looks like some are taking advantage of that time for bonding which, in today’s busy world, was frequently squeezed into the background or totally nonexistent.

If we could step into each other’s homes we might find families actually eating meals together instead of picking up whatever one could find. It must seem strange.

One ad I saw said your dogs (pets) don’t know WHY you’re home with them; they’re just glad you are! Probably children in the family feel much the same way. They may not understand why the family is together, they just know it’s true and life is totally different.

You’ve heard it over and over as I have: “We’ll get through this – together!”

There’s a lot to be said for togetherness. But don’t forget the vast number of people, probably many of your own friends and acquaintances, who have no one with whom to be together. They live alone. There’s no family close by to stop in even occasionally. They’re lonely at best, and even more lonely now with social distancing. Your phone call could help.

Or maybe follow Danica’s example – devise a card, write a note, just let them know you’re thinking of them.

But there is one Companion who will never leave or forsake you – Jesus Christ, who loves you so much He died for you. Find comfort in His presence and remember He is the one you can count on to “get through this – together!”