Bible better nourishment than food of Pine Tree Buffet

When I moved here four years ago, it was springtime. I gave no thought to a location for a bird feeder. But when fall came, I started looking.

Probably because of a branch hanging low enough for convenience, I hung the feeder in the pine tree right outside the window of the computer room. I spend significant time at my desk in that room and thought I could enjoy the birds from that vantage point.

I was not regular in my feeding habits because that location, though convenient for bird watching, was inconvenient for filling the feeder. But, from time to time, I did fill the feeder. I didn’t feed regularly, and the remaining seed stayed in the garage.

Spring came, and with it summer’s song birds. My interest perked up enough to begin feeding again. Sparrows did abound, but only a few song birds came. I left the feeder in place but never did develop a feeding habit.

Finally, I began disposing of table scraps like left over bread crusts by tossing them on the ground under the unused feeder. I break it into small, beak-size pieces and scatter it under the tree – usually in the evening. Then, periodically during the evening, I would look out to see if anyone had availed themselves of the free food.

Thinking the birds would surely be happy with this handout, I kept watch. In the years I’ve done this, I have never seen bird or animal come for the feeding. Yet, in the morning, the “table” has been picked clean.

One evening, I did see a rabbit leaving the area – this activity after about three years. Still, bedtime came with no visitors. Morning arrived, and the table had been cleaned. Still hoping to see who my nighttime visitor was, I became a bit more diligent about leaving something out in the evening. Every morning, the table has been cleaned.

One day while in the kitchen, I found Kelly’s box of stale Cheerios. So that evening I tossed out a handful of those and was sure they would be a treat. Surely the birds would come for those. In the morning, they remained untouched! A couple of days later, I did the same thing with the same result. I put out more bread scraps. And in the morning, the table had been cleaned! I guess my nighttime guest doesn’t like Cheerios!

Interestingly, we are much like that nighttime visitor about our Bible reading. It is, after all, God’s Word, and yet we have a tendency to pick and choose what portions we read. We also tend to be choosy about what portions of its teachings we put into practice. It is a true buffet of literature of every nature.

Now, I said “we” but maybe you are better disciplined about your Bible reading than I am. If so, I’m happy for you, but if you join me in that downfall, maybe we should get more involved in the history and poetry. These patriarchs are the very ones who set the stage for us to live in and through today’s challenges. They are the ones who spent years and years awaiting the coming Messiah, just as we now await His return.

Come. Enjoy the Bible Buffet with me. It is way better supplied than my Pine Tree Buffet.