It’s a love-hate relationhip with the computer

I have a sick computer!

I’ve taken it to the “doctor,”who fixes the particular ailment of the day and says, “You’ve got everything again. You’re good to go.” Then I go home, hook up all the various attachments, and sit down for some game time. Nope! Not this time. The games won’t open!

Well, I have to write my column, so I’d better see if the word processing part works. Yes, it does. Looks funny, but at least it does work. Well, I’ll go with that. But I always email my column to the newspaper. Hmm. Wonder if that works. No. A little screen comes up, telling me it is unable to send or receive for “hlguilford.”

Like I said, it’s sick.

I’m reminded I have now completed 27 years of writing these weekly columns. That’s a long time since I told my brother I had taken on the task and he responded with, “Humph! Where are you going to get ideas to write a weekly column?” In other words, he believed I had taken on a task I couldn’t do. I’ll give him credit though. He did change his mind and became a staunch supporter of my efforts.

But 28 years ago?

I have a sick computer today, and I know I can get it healed, but back then I didn’t have a computer at all. I would scratch out my thoughts in longhand, then go to that same brother’s house and use his computer. Then I took the printed copy to the Expositor office and dropped it into the night delivery slot as I drove to work the next morning.

Finally, I bought a used computer, and crippled along on that until I could purchase a new one. Still without email though. I love what a computer can do for me – finding my typos and telling me about them – even suggesting corrections; allowing me to edit without the hassle of starting over on a clean sheet of paper, only to make the same mistakes all over again; making it possible to save my thoughts and to build from there when interrupted. Yes, those fit into the love relationship.

The hate part? I really hate when the computer assumes a mind of its own and won’t do what I want. Oh, I know. It probably needs the doctor again. I also hate when I don’t know how to do the really easy stuff that others talk about all the time. It just makes me feel SO inadequate!

How can a pile of electronics know more than I do? After all, I had the Master Maker of all time, for God Himself made me. I need to be reminded of that sometimes. And when pondering things like that, I really do know how and why that pile of electronics does so well. The reason? God gave its maker(s) the intellect and skills needed to develop that machine. You see, God is in and behind it all!

Not only so, but that very same God has provided the Way for sinful humans like you and me to step right into His glory when we leave this earth – through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ, who went to the cross in our place. No hate in that relationship, for love spanned the abyss and our response to Him must also be love.