The lost is found – or is it? Seeking is key

Well, as frequently happens, there’s a “treasure hunt” going on at my house.

Yesterday, the hunt was for a form I needed to get in the mail. Actually, it should have been mailed a month ago! Since that was the case, it was doubly important to get it in yesterday’s mail. I looked. I looked again. I continued to look.

I knew I had the form at church on Sunday. I knew I carried it folded (the long way, top to bottom) and, therefore, it would stick out of my Bible and would be visible. But did the Bible have that item in it now? No! Of course, not!

“But it couldn’t be anywhere else,” I reasoned. I had it at church and I carried it in my Bible. Had it somehow fallen out?

Finally, I wondered if I had taken it out of my Bible and laid it on the dining room table. The table was clean of anything such as that. But we had eaten supper at that table Sunday evening. I looked at things that had been stacked and set aside when we had supper.

Yes! The form was found! My treasure hunt was completed.

But this is the next morning. My roommate just came in from searching her car for her missing car keys. “Hey! Did you lose a ten-dollar bill?” No, I hadn’t but would be happy to claim it. At least this hunt is paying off – just not in the way she would like it to.

Verbally, we have gone over every time she would have used those keys since coming in from church Sunday noon. What coat did you wear? What clothes did you wear? Did you use your car since Sunday?

When I came home from the nursing home on Monday, I wondered why she apparently had not gone anywhere while I was gone, as that is her custom. Groceries, Dollar General items, etc. – all seem to call her name on Monday morning. But her car had not been moved.

The truth of the matter came out this morning when she sort of asked for help in finding her keys. Well, that explains her being home-bound.

I had gone back to writing this column when I heard, “Hey! I found ‘em!” The house rang with the announcement.

Where? In haste as she came in on Sunday, she had tossed the keys on a counter top where they got covered up with other stuff. Well, she’s still $10 ahead having found that money in her car during her search.

You know, all of mankind lives in a state of being lost until such time as, individually, we make the choice to respond to Jesus’s call to salvation. We, God’s own children, are described as lost sheep and Jesus is the shepherd Who continually seeks us, lures us to Himself.

Jesus said, “The Son of man (He Himself), is come to seek and to save that which was lost.” (Luke 19:10) He gave His life on Calvary to pay the price for our salvation.

We need to seek Him as diligently as I searched for that form or my roommate searched for her keys. And, yes, we need to seek Him daily, even hourly, as we go about our daily lives.

You don’t know when your day of reckoning will come. Be ready. Give up your state of lostness right now.