Life’s Lessons

God’s message comes in packages of three

Well, here we are in the new year of 2020 and probably wondering what the year will hold. As I surveyed this week, my often asked question arose once again – nothing new has happened, so I wonder what I’m to write about this week.

I know I’ve mentioned previously that God often speaks to me three times to get my attention. I don’t mean to be hard-headed or slow to respond but that’s just the way it works out.

I didn’t even think about the rule of three in my life when the date a friend and I had scheduled for our Christmas (and my birthday) dinner rolled around and she called to say she was sick and couldn’t go that night. Alright. Another evening would work just as well.

A second date was agreed upon, and that one also had to be changed. Now we were up to the third one. Again, I didn’t think about the three thing.

But when we did finally find a mutually agreeable date, we went to the restaurant we usually patronize for this annual event and found it closed for a three-day period. We chose another local restaurant and settled in for our evening of food, fellowship, and gifts.

By now, Christmas was well past and we were into January. Nonetheless, we enjoyed our fellowship and gifts. Maybe we enjoyed them even more because the Christmas rush was past.

When I opened my gift, I found a small, intricately carved angel encased in a protective capsule. It is not meant to be worn. It is not meant to be hung. It would be nice to carry in one’s purse or pocket just as a reminder that we do, each one of us, have a guardian angel.

I hope my guardian angel is not overworked but sometimes I wonder. When I think of a guardian angel, I usually think of physical safety. Some time ago, this same friend had given me an angel visor clip for my car, advising that I not drive faster than my angel could fly.

Now, thinking of carrying my little angel in my pocket, I consider other aspects of my life that need a guardian – particularly my tongue! Not the eating, tasting part but the speaking part. It tends to spout off sometimes without putting the brain in gear. I wonder if others also have that problem.

Well, back to the thought of “three.”

Earlier in the Christmas season, I received a package from friends in California. Surprise! Our lives had been entwined during a six-day mission trip in the fall, and when we parted they had asked when my birthday was because they wanted to send me something.

Each of them sent a gift – one sent a table runner that fits nicely into my home decor and the other sent a glass angel she had made. They are quite the craftsmen!

Then on Christmas Eve, a friend at church slipped a gift bag into my hand. When I opened it, there was a beautiful angel to hang on my wall.

If I count right, that’s three, isn’t it?

I don’t think of that as coincidence. I’m being watchful for what God wants me to notice. Surely, He has something in mind! Because that’s His mode of operation when dealing with me.

When I discover His angel message, maybe I can share it with you. And maybe NOT. Sometimes His messages are corrective in nature and not to be shared.

Rest assured, though, there is a message for me that I just haven’t discovered yet.

One of His messages is very clear – ask Jesus into your heart and you will spend eternity in heaven. You don’t have to hear that one three times.

God’s message comes in packages of three