Life’s Lessons

Look Up!

By Helen Guilford - For the Expositor

Remember Moses? Born to a young Hebrew woman at a time when all male Hebrew babies were ordered to be killed. His mother kept him hidden, but when that was no longer possible she placed him in a basket and set him afloat on the river. When Pharoah’s daughter came to bathe, she rescued him.

You know the story how his own sister watched and offered to find someone to care for the baby. Surprise! Surprise! She found the baby’s own mother to care for him. So, this Hebrew baby who, by Pharoah’s own order, was to have been killed at birth, was raised in the palace with all the privileges of nobility!

As a young adult, Moses saw an Egyptian mistreating a Hebrew man. Taking immediate action, he killed the Hebrew. Now he was a murderer, but he believed no one else knew, so there wouldn’t be a problem. The very next day, however, he discovered someone else did know.

What could he do? He ran!

Some 40 years later, God called to him out of the burning bush and put him to work, much against his will. He would have run again if he could have found a way to hide from God. Many are the stories until we see Moses, under God’s command, leading the Hebrew nation out of slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land. Stand in awe again as we consider how God orchestrated crossing the Red Sea on dry land only to see the pursuing army washed away when the walls of water came crashing, splashing down.

Eventually, he got his vast numbers of people to the very edge of the Promised Land, where they set up camp while 12 scouts searched out the new land. With encouraging reports from only two of the 12, it was decided to camp right there for a while. “A while” that turned into 40 years.

But why were they stranded, as it were, on the very edge of the Promised Land for that extended period of time? Fear! They couldn’t turn back because of the Red Sea. Ahead of them lay the land which had received negative reports from 10 of the scouts. To either side were mountains. They were encamped in a desert place with no escape routes and no help in sight.

With this vast group of people, we have looked back at the way they had come, we have looked forward into their fears, we have seen mountains limiting mobility on either side. Where could they get help? Only one direction was left – up!

From the time of our decision to trust God through His Son, Jesus Christ, God dwells within us. Yet, when we truly seek His presence, we find ourselves looking UP – either literally or figuratively. We seek that higher power, that greater authority, the almighty God who bends His ear to our needs. Like Moses and his throng of campers, we need to look up.

I was reminded of this recently when looking for an item in a local store. I searched and searched. Finally, I decided to just forget it. At check out, the clerk asked if I found everything and I admitted I had not.

She sent someone else to get the item. What I couldn’t find, she quickly picked up and delivered into my hands. In wonder, I said, “Why could you get it so easily when I couldn’t find it at all?”

Her answer? “Because you didn’t look up!”

I know where my help comes from and I, as well as you, need to keep looking up – up to the God who loved me enough to send His own Son to the cross in my place. (Ps. 122: 1,2)

Look Up!

By Helen Guilford

For the Expositor