Computer whiz? Not a chance on earth

I’ve never been a “computer whiz.”

For example, even as I type this, I keep hitting the Caps Lock key, and all of a sudden everything comes up capital letters. I rather quickly see and correct that error, but other things happen without reason and I get way beyond frustrated!

Just this afternoon, I had spent considerable time getting some thoughts on paper. Well, not technically “on paper,” but at least written down! Some research and deep thinking had gone into the project. Then, thinking to take a break, I went through the “save” process. Gave that document a name and everything. Hit the final keystroke to save it and sat back.

Wait! Something about that didn’t look right. Well, I was right – something had gone wrong and all that deep thinking was lost for all time. Now, I really do know how to save something on the computer but somehow I missed a step or corrupted one – who knows?

Again, I sat back in my chair, shook my head, and dreaded starting all over. Unfortunately, this is not my first experience with such a problem either. So, I did what seemed logical – I left my word processing program and turned to a game. At least a mistake there wouldn’t cost me any time, deep thinking or research.

Now, all the time I had diligently worked on my project – you know, the research and deep thinking – no one ventured into my computer area. I don’t mind being caught doing those things. But almost as soon as I went into game playing, my roommate wandered into the room. Though she was kind enough not to mention I was wasting time and accomplishing nothing, she surely thought it! I even thought it myself.

Then, my mind wandered to my need to write a column by morning. Here I was working on something else with a deadline a few days away and hadn’t a clue what to write for my column. I’ve already written about my recent mission trip to Costa Rica. What else is there?

Well, I could write about my lack of finesse in computer usage, couldn’t I? And here it is.

Along that same line comes telephone usage. Oh, dear! The joy of cell phones. I really do enjoy my cell phone and can use the necessary parts of it – you know, I can answer it, determine who called if I’m too slow or make calls. I even took a couple of pictures with it – but, of course, I can’t find them to show to anyone!

Now, the company is going to discontinue my sweet little flip phone and I will be forced into a different flip phone (more complicated, I’m sure) or have to get a Smart Phone. I watch others with their smart phones and long for the capabilities they exhibit.

But could I learn that? Would I have to carry it in my hip pocket and probably butt dial numerous numbers? What about women’s clothes that have no hip pockets? Use my purse? That seems logical but I quit carrying a purse when I started fostering assistance dogs in training.

Oh, the quandary! And not to mention the added expense of either option!

So what is the answer? Some would say, “Get with the program!” And maybe that’s the best choice.

All I know for sure is computers, cell phones, and such won’t be a problem when I get to heaven. I KNOW I’m going there because many years ago I hit the SAVE button when I asked Jesus into my heart. He saved me from sin and I will spend eternity with Him. As a bonus, I’ll also see loved ones who accepted Him and have gone on before me.

Now, let’s see if I can save this!