Life’s Lessons

Going? Not going? All signs pointed to ‘yes’

I first learned of the mission trip to Costa Rica early this year. I immediately wanted to go, but what can an old lady do on a foreign mission trip? I talked it over with a friend, and after careful consideration and prayer she advised, “Yes, I think you could be an asset and should go.”

Plans began and progressed. Funding for both my grandson and I was forthcoming from our church. Accepting funding from the church was a challenge for me as I had always paid my own way. I hesitated. Finally, someone said, “Maybe you’ve been depriving your church of their joy by not allowing them to be part of the trip.”

Ouch! Had my pride gotten in the way again?

Then, in the summer, another creature reared its ugly head. Cancer! Me? That’s something that happens to other people! My thinking despite the fact my dad and both brothers had cancer!

Surgery was successfully done. Recovery and healing went well. Now it was time for the next step – radiation! I rejoiced when word came I would not need chemo!

But there was a very short block of time to get the required radiation done before the trip,

When I mentioned the mission trip to the radiation doctor, he shook his head and said it wouldn’t work. Couldn’t be done! To that, I shook my head. I offered what I considered a reasonable alternative – delay the radiation until after the trip – but he said, “No. We won’t allow those bad cells that time to grow and take over. You can’t go.”

Apparently, he saw my determination for he changed his tune. He would increase the dosage of the radiation in order to lessen the number of required days. That compromise having been made, the radiation is now behind me and the trip lies ahead.

But there were other points of indecision as well.

Mornings, I would get up well-rested with the “I can do it” attitude. By evening, I would be questioning my common sense. And by bedtime, it was, “A mission trip? Who am I kidding?”

I decided NOT to go.

Then God spoke to me in His three-fold message he frequently has to use on me.

First, my radiation doctor – “You have done so well! You can go! GO!”

Second, at a previously scheduled appointment, my surgeon said, “You are so much younger than your chronological years. GO!”

But the deciding factor was when I learned the job site where we will be building a house is adjacent to a church where we will have access for restrooms, lunch break, and, at least in my case, a place to rest as needed.

So, yes, I’m going. As you read this, I will probably be working on the house in Costa Rica. The house? Built of lumber, it will be a three-room house about 10 feet by 20 feet, and will be home to a family of seven! Mom and dad and five children, ages 18 to one.

Won’t you pray for us as we serve? Pray this work will speak of the love of Christ and express in some small way how He sacrificed to save us all from the wages of sin.

He holds the Costa Ricans as close to His heart as He does you and me. (Romans 6:23)

Going? Not going? All signs pointed to ‘yes’